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ABC (ended 1974)





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    Lots of fun has been poked at the Brady's for their "plastic" lifestyle and values. However, these are the kind of shows that should be shown. This show was awash with values and principles. So much has changed since then. But this is how a family should be. How kids were and should be. These kids were nice, polite and courteous. These are things that need to be reinfornced more today. We should be safe from ourselves but we are not. The previous generation and mine screwed up. Now kids kill kids. Instead of helping old ladies they rob and beat them. This is not white society or culture. Sorry but it it not. Integrating minorities is a good thing but do so by elevating them to our standards not lowering ours so they can compete. We've lowered the professional and educational standards to the point that there are no more highly educated professionals in many vocations. They are trained to do a certain job only. Vocational training without the general education of the past. No everyone will never be equal. You cannot pass legislation and make it so. There is no such thing as functional equality. There is only equality under the law as should be. Give all the same opportunity. But don't give the best students a curriculum designed for qualifying less intellectual individuals.
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