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  • Warmer memories there are not

    I was barely 4 y/o when the series ended but still vaguely remember watching it in prime time as it was also one of my mother's favorite shows. Not long after the show went into syndication where I was able to watch it on our first little "color" tv (it was more like a green tint lol) after school each day. I remember fondly as one reader mentioned in another post that The Brady Bunch and my Fisher Price Little People are probably the most inherent childhood memories and attachments. Up there with Mom Mom's pot roast and Na Na's homemade chicken soup. So though to some this is just a kitschy little piece of Americana TV that certainly my kids generation (all young adults now) just may not quite get, I do get it. Right down to the funky horror show of fashion that was the '70s to the funky avocado greens and muted oranges on all of our kitchen and living room walls. It is innocent, family value fun. One of my biggest disappointments will always be how in real life Rob Reed refused to do the very last episode in which Greg graduates HS. In the end Carol throws a blurb out about how "its a shame that your father had to miss it due to traveling for business". Whenever I see that episode and hear that line I think to myself how for 5 seasons we got to know Mike Brady as a phenomenal dad who would have NEVER have missed one of his children's big milestones as HS graduation. That was a bummer way to end such an amazing series. I still watch the Brady Bunch online and am always searching for syndication on TV networks. I am one Gen X'er who is still crazy about The Bradys!
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