The Brady Bunch

Season 2 Episode 2

The Babysitters

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1970 on ABC

Episode Recap

Carol finds Alice working out a curtain arrangement. Alice says they are for Sam's apartment, which she is going to help decorate. Carol says that they are too frilly and feminine for a man's department, but Alice says that is the whole idea - turn her man's apartment into her apartment.

Then Mike comes home early, and Carol is surprised. Mike explains that he has tickets for a show. Carol is excited, but says they cannot go because there is no babysitter for the kids with Alice at Sam's. Carol suggests they call a babysitter, but Marcia and Greg are in earshot. They feel indignant about a babysitter at their age and decide to take a stand. The parents fail to find a babysitter and Alice almost gives up her night at Sam's, when Marcia and Greg tell them, very firmly, that they consider themselves old enough to be babysitters, not babysitted. The parents concede, and put Marcia and Greg in charge of the babysitting. Greg and Marcia agree, and then point out the rates for babysitters. Mike has to concede to this as well.

The parents leave instructions and firm orders for the younger siblings to obey Marcia and Greg. The younger siblings are not used to being minded in this manner, and things get worse when Cindy gets the sniffles. Moreover, it is apparent that the parents are still too anxious about leaving Marcia and Greg in charge and keep over-drilling them with safety instructions. Alice is worrying too much as well, and Greg has to insist she goes to Sam's instead of staying home to mind Cindy's sniffles, which she fears might turn into something worse. But he and Carol are worrying so much that they find it very difficult to leave the house for the restaurant they are going to on the way to the show. When they finally go, Marcia and Greg comment on how hard it is to bring parents up.

Things soon settle down comfortably and peacefully enough back home. There are minor problems with the younger boys, but Greg handles them well enough. Marcia and Greg are plying Cindy with the food she keeps asking for.  Jan is on the phone and won't get off.

At the restaurant, the parents seem to settle down to a romantic dinner. But they just cannot stop worrying, especially after how Alice expressed concern about how Cindy's sniffles might turn into something worse. Carol excuses herself so she can phone home to check on Cindy, but she cannot get through because Jan is on the phone. Mike finds the same thing when he tries to phone to check on Cindy. And so on it goes, with Carol and Mike taking turns to phone home, but find the line engaged. In the end, they skip the meal (but still have to pay cover charge and tax) in order to rush home and check on the kids before going to the show.

Mike and Carol arrive home. But Mike now has misgivings as they assured Marcia and Greg that they trusted them, and Marcia and Greg would consider it an affront if they came home to check on them. Carol sees his point, but then smells smoke. It is probably the neighbor's barbeque, but they decide to check. As they do so, Mike accidentally bumps into the family barbeque and then the bicycles. Marcia and Greg hear the noise, and Greg calls the police. Meanwhile, Carol and Mike hear rustling, and then the fence door opens and someone enters quietly. Mike springs the person entering, and finds it is Alice. Then they find themselves facing two police officers. Mike and Carol explain that they thought Alice was a prowler. Alice says she came back because she was worrying too much about Cindy as well. They then explain that they just wanted to check on the kids. From the window, the kids are watching.

Mike tells Greg that he did the right thing in calling the police. Carol finds Cindy's sniffles have subsided. Greg tells Mike and Carol that if they hurry, they will still catch the show. The parents are still a bit over-anxious about the kids as they set off.

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