The Brady Bunch

Season 2 Episode 2

The Babysitters

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1970 on ABC

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  • An entertaining episde.

    In this episode, Mike and Carol, along with Alice are all going to be out on the same night, leaving the kids home alone. What I thought was entertaining about the episode is how the adults are hesitant to leave Greg and Marcia in charge, especially when Cindy has a case of the sniffles. I thought it was quite humorus the steps that Mike went to to teach Bobby about not opening the door before asking who is knocking on it, especially when Alice come over to Bobby to tell him to get ready for dinner when the role playing is going on. Another part that I found pretty funny was when both the parents and Alice came home to check on the kids, only to make quite a bit of noise outside, resulting in Greg calling the police reporting intruders outside. I really liked how Marcia and Greg showed Carol and Mike how competent they are at taking care of their younger siblings. In all, I found this to be one entertaining episode, and it had a good message in it as well, how to recognize strangers when a child's parents aren't around and what to do if you come across someone you don't know.
  • Awesome episode!

    This Brady episode is really the first along the lines of the kids growing up and entering pre-teen and teen years and their responsibilities. As the show begins, Alice is hanging some lovely green flowered curtains across the "window" that divided the kitchen and the family room. carol doesn't think curtains look right there (but they actually look really cute!), but they aren't for the Brady house. Marriage minded Alice wants to turn Sam's apartment into her apartment someday with this *subtle* hint. (This was one of the only times that Sam's living quarters were mentioned. We don't know exactly where he lived-but it must have been a ways-he apparently has to drive thru at least one very traffic-heavy street in order to get to the Brady house-as was mentioned in the episode "The Tattletale".) While Alice is looking forward to a little night out (or -in-, as the case may be) Mike and Carol are looking forward to the same-a night out to see a play they've been dying to (tho no names are mentioned) and dinner at a fancy restaurant prior to the show.

    But there's a small problem-since Alice is always around, who's gonna look after the kids tonite?(Alice met Sam years ago at dance-didn't she ever go out for the evening when the kids were there? Even if Mike and Carol weren't? hmmm...) Carol's friend Jennifer can't do it tonite,and Alice's friend Maude has a bowling date...what to do? Marcia and Greg feel they are way too old to have a babysitter..and they're very firm about that. It all makes sense to Mike and Carol once Greg and Marcia explain their viewpoint-so they can babysit for themselves! But not without a few ground rules from Mike and Carol first, such as turning off the stove and never answering the door to strangers. Mike proceeds to show Bobby some at-home safety measures, by pretending to be various people at the door.("Help, i'm a little old lady, let me in!"-ROFL) Mike and Carol are nervous about their kids' first time "home alone" especially since Cindy has the sniffles. But she's in good hands-Marcia and Greg will serve her chocolate cake and milk later. And Greg will help Bobby with his bath- but Bobby tries to get out of it by saying it might be dangerous if her slips in the tub!

    Mike and Carol go to a very fancy restaurant, and look over a wine list and appetizers. But worry sets in-Carol sees some abaloney on the menu, and they remember how Peter cut his foot on some coral diving for it one time (like there's really gonna be any reefs in the Brady house!!) They also worry about Cindy's sniffles, and each make excuses to leave the table for a minute(like Mike seeing an old friend Charley Hoffman)-but they are really calling home on separate payphones. But back home, Jan is hogging the phone, talking to a very chatty friend, Gloria, and they get a busy signal. They waste so much time making toll calls, that they decide to skip dinner and drop by the house to check before the show. But they realize the kids would never forgive them for checking up,but then they smell smoke. It's probably just the Ditmeiyers grill, because they're always having those BBQ's. They sneak around back, but responsible babysitter Greg hears a noise(Mike tripped over a bike in the dark)and calls the police right away. But Mike and Carol get spooked when they see a figure coming thru the back fence, and jump an unsuspecting Alice who got worried about Cindy. A couple of cops, who came quickly because there was a car in the neighborhood, wonder what they are all doing here, and the adults give a fumbling explanation as the 4 oldest kids watch in surprise from the window.

    Mike and Carol get back in, and Cindy is sound asleep and everything else checks out. The kids did a fine job on their own, but those parents....they sure are hard to bring up!
  • An awesome episode about Greg and Marcia babysitting.

    I love the beginning of the episode when Alice shows Carol the curtins and then Greg and Marcia believe they are to old for a babysitter, and convince Mike and Carol they are old enough to babysitter their brothers and sisters. Since Mike and Carol kept worrying about the kids it felt like real life, Alice made it seem a little bit more like real life when she came home to.