The Brady Bunch

Season 5 Episode 11

The Cincinnati Kids

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1973 on ABC

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  • The family goes to a theme park in Cincinnati for Mike to give his plans to a manager, but quickly loses them.

    This was probably one of my top ten favorite episodes of the Brady Bunch. I love the storyline about everybody going to that amusement park. All the rides looked fun from the camera's point of view. Its like since everyone was splitting up, it was like everybody was having their own adventures. How every ride Alice gets on she starts getting dizzy, woozy, or sick. Bobby and Cindy kept on stuffing themselves with food and shared a kid's meal at lunch. Greg was on a mission to win an employee's heart, then as her shift ended, he dressed up as some kind of animal to find her. Then Jan and Marsha were just playing around. Meanwhile all because of Jan, they lose Mike's plans for the theme park. That sends everybody on a goose chase to find it, but everybody sticks to their adventures. Bobby and Cindy look in a pizza restaurant, to look around and eat a slice. Greg asks his crush if she has seen it. Jan and Marsha just ride everything again to look for the plans. Alice, well when she was looking the spinning apples, it was too late, she had to take another ride on a woozy ride. It was funny! Especially the background music when everybody had a turn to take the plans to Mike, and how everybody was tired at the end. This all was like, one of the best episodes ever.