The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 20

The Great Earring Caper

Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1973 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Carol called Mike "Mark" by accident when they were in their room with their costumes.

    • Here are the steps that lead to the earrings being in the washing machine:

      1) Cindy tries them on in the bathroom and then hears Carol call her and hides them under a towel by the sink.

      2) Alice comes in and puts the towel in the laundry bag and takes it back out because of what Carol told her about the kids cleaning up after themselves. Then she leaves the bag in the hall.

      3) Jan comes out of her room and sees the bag and decides to help Alice out and puts the laundry bag in the laundry room.

      4) Carol comes into the laundry room and puts the laundry into the machine.

    • When Carol asks Marcia to get the earrings for her, Marcia heads down the hall towards the direction of the stairs. In the next scene Marcia enters her room to get the earrings. Yet, her room is down the hall in the opposite direction from the stairs.

    • Here is another episode where Bobby was feeding his pet which was never seen again.

    • At one time or another in this episode, all the Brady kids wore a shirt with stripes.

    • In one of the scenes when Peter and Cindy are in Peter's room, Peter places his detectives hat in the box. In the next wide shot, the hat mysteriously appears lying on the edge of the box.

  • Quotes

    • Peter: (wearing Sherlock Holmes mustache and eyebrows) If you didn't know who I was, who would you think I am?
      Greg: A candidate for a butterfly net.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • (Seeing Mike and Carol in their costumes)
      Alice: Sonny and Cher?!

      When Mike and Carol were showing Alice their party costumes, they asked her who she thought they were going as. Sonny and Cher were a singing duo in the 1960's with hit songs such as I Got You Babe, Baby Don't Go, and The Beat Goes On among others. They also had their own variety show in the 1970's.