The Brady Bunch

Season 5 Episode 22

The Hair-Brained Scheme

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1974 on ABC

Episode Recap

Bobby and Cindy want to make some money, but are unsure exactly how to proceed.

Eventually, Cindy decides to raise some rabbits. Bobby, meanwhile combs through his comic books and eventually settles on selling hair tonic. Neat and Natural Hair Tonic.

Utilizing Oliver as his assistant, Bobby solicits his wares throughout the neighborhood. However, he is turned down at every turn (including a resident who has a sign that says "no peddlers or agents"). Discouraged, Bobby wants to give up his budding career as a salesman, but Carol gives him a quick pep talk and encourages him to try again.

Meanwhile, Greg is preparing to graduate from Westdale High School. He briefs Peter on his expectations as a high school student. He also gets approached by Bobby, who bemoans his lack of success in selling his crate of hair tonic. Out of pittance, Greg agrees to purchase a bottle, and promptly gets pressured to put some of the glop in his hair.

Bobby sees the results and immediately covers Greg's head with a towel. He runs out before Greg can find out what is going on. A look in the mirror tells the whole tale – the questionable beauty aid has dyed his strands a bright shade of orange. Greg is immediately horrified and aghast ... especially since graduation is the next day away and it looks like he'll have to attend his commencement sporting a Bowie-esque, tangerine-colored mane.

Greg storms through the house, looking for Bobby to make him explain what happened. Carol immediately intervenes before Greg can hurt Bobby, and calls the Neat and Natural company. But the company's phone has been disconnected, and a follow-up call to the Better Business Bureau finds that the Food and Drug Administration had closed the company. On the positive side, Carol learns that the tonic won't damage Greg's hair or scalp. So Bobby is stuck with hair tonic he is unable to sell, and Greg may be stuck with an orange hairdo through graduation. Greg tries washing his hair...5 times. Greg may have washed out the tonic, but the orange color still remains. Peter(laughing) tells Greg that the orange hair should grow out completely in 6 to 8 months. It seems like Greg's graduation day is ruined. Unless ...

Carol takes Greg to a beauty salon to have a stylist do a hair dye job on Greg(in private) to make his hair the normal color again. Greg is embarrassed, but the process works, and Greg won't have to walk across the stage with a head of orange, frizzled hair.

Meanwhile, Cindy has had similar bad luck trying to mate her rabbits, Romeo and Juliet. A visit to the pet shop uncovers the reason – the bunnies are both males. Cindy moans her fate, while Bobby decides to dump the hair tonic down the drain. Greg walks in with his hair the normal color again and tells Bobby that his life has been saved. While Bobby is momentarily distracted, some of the tonic spills onto the rabbits. The result dyes the rabbits' fur bright orange. Cindy is worried at first, but then the two youngest Brady's have an idea.

A few hours later, Bobby, Cindy and Oliver rush home, cash in hand. They were able to sell the rabbits back to the pet store, along with the rest of Bobby's hair tonic. They make a profit and all's well that ends well.

In the coda, Greg graduates ("with honors"), even though Mike was unable to attend (Robert Reed did not appear in this episode due to a conflict with the writers). Peter and Marcia playfully argue over who will get Greg's attic room once he moves on to college, but Oliver suggests turning it into a guest room--with him as the "guest".

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