The Brady Bunch

Season 5 Episode 22

The Hair-Brained Scheme

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1974 on ABC

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  • I think this was the only time the word "sex" was ever used on the show!

    Robert Reed boycotted what turned out to be the show's final episode (though no one at the time knew was the last episode). I think Sherwood Schwartz said in his book that had the show gone into a 7th season, Reed would have been fired and they would have written him out of the script or replaced him (as in the the Two Darrens on "Bewitched"). I never understood Reed's objections to the scripts/story lines. Though he was trained in the classics, he was doing a light, half hour sitcom, not Shakespeare. This episode was great in my get-rich-quick scheme causes Greg to face high school graduation with bright orange hair, a result of Greg buying a bottle of the "Neat n' Natural" hair tonic Bobby had been peddling. BTW, this episode is, to the best of my knowledge, the only time the word "sex" was used on the show. Oliver comments at the end of episode that Carol "has a problem discussing This comment came on the heels are her avoiding his questions about where baby bunny rabbits come from. Underrated episode of the show! I really liked it!!!!
  • Absolute Crap

    Without a doubt this episode is the second worst episode ever. I dont blame Robert Reed for not being im this crappy episode. It proved that Sherwood Schwartz was completely out of touch with the shows that were on. The Brady Bunch was 10 years out of date. Bobby selling hair tonic to Greg seemed like something that the Beaver would sell to Wally. Had The Brady Bunch been renewed if was reported that Robert Reed would have been fired leaving Mike away on assignment for his job or dead.
  • What Could Have Been...

    Every time I see one of the last few episodes of the Brady Bunch, I often wonder what could have been. What would have happened in the six season? Would Greg leave? Or even more important, would Robert Reed leave? And what about Cousin Oliver? Would he have still been on and would they have given him his own box in the title sequence? What about Bobby and Cindy? Would they have gotten even more plot lines and would they have grown more as characters on the show? I always wished they had gotten more on screen time in the last season, because they were about as Barry and Maureen (Greg and Marcia) when they had started the show.

    And even more mind boggling - how long could the show have really gone on for? Most of the classics TV shows everyone has loved, were on for at least ten years. Could the Brady's have done that? I doubt it. The writing was going down hill, as were the plots. I think the highlight of the show was Season 3 - Season 4. Those were the best episodes. I really don't know what happened towards the end of the fifth season. Maybe all the innocence was gone for the kids. They didn't have that charming effect like they had had early on in the series. The kids were obviously getting older, but the writing was as if they were younger. It still doesn't matter to me. I'll always love the Brady's!
  • What did Robert Reed know? This was one of the funniest episodes of the series.

    Bobby tried a become a millionaire overnight by selling hair tonic door-to-door. After an unlucky and disastous first day, Greg, as the typical, sympathetic older brother, buys a bottle from Bobby but it turns hs hair orange a mere twenty-four hours before his high school graduation. This was the only episode where we almost saw actual violence as Greg was ready to kill Bobby. Carol took Greg down to her beauty parlor where his hair eventually went back to its old curly self. Greg graduates from good old Westdale high with honors and Carol saying how sorry she was Mike had to go out of town and miss it. (Robert Reed was written out of the episode because he was whining about how stupid he thought he script was), and Greg still had yet to decide what college to attend.
  • Much better than its reputation, IMHO.

    I guess I've never understood why people hate this episode so much. For that matter, I've never understood why this Season is everyone's least favorite. With the possible exception of Season 4, the 5th Season is my favorite. I find the first Season to be much more cloying and way too cute for it's own good. The writing on the series only got better, and - dare I say it - sophisticated! As for this episode, it holds some of my fondest memories of the show that I have. Quibbles: Yes, it really sucks that Robert Reed wasn't in this episode. Yes, Cousin Oliver wasn't a good idea/addition. But I would've liked to have seen Bobby & Cindy age a bit more into adolescence. This never was, nor would it ever be, a hip show. And that's its appeal. The story on paper - sure, it would sound dumb, but...c'mon - it's The Brady Bunch, not Seinfeld (although plenty of episodes of that show look ridiculous on paper). Anyway, in conclusion :-), this is probably one of my top 5 episodes. While not a true series finale, there was a bit of closure with Greg's graduation.
  • Bobby tries to make a million by selling hair tonic. Cindy tries to make a million by selling bunnies.

    Okay, so to raise a million bucks, Bobby buys a box full of hair tonic. Wow, thats a good idea, NOT! Not saying that the episode was bad, I'm just saying the kids have a weird way of raising money. And what was really ridiculous was Cindy's theory. How do ou make a million dollars selling bunnies? Thats just weird. So maybe some people might want some bunnies but I'm sure you are not gonna make a million dollars. But anyway, about the episode, the storyline was great, the orange hair was a good feature to the hair tonic, though the fact that something was gonna happen after putting the hair tonic on, that was predictable. The thing that Cindy's Juliet was a Romeo, and Romeo a Romeo wasn't real predictable. So, unlike a lot of people on here, I think the episode deserves a 9.3.
  • The end of the Bunch....

    This episode is a good example of why The Brady Bunch was cancelled. Season 5 is the worst of the series and the storylines are boring. Cousin Oliver? I mean come on! Who actually thought that would work? I think it is also bad that Cousin Oliver got the last line in the series. ANyway, back to the finale. I am not surprised that the show didn't a 'real' finale. I think The Mary Tyler Moore Show was one of the first to have a real finale (moving out of the newsroom, a sense of closer). Most shows just ended without a special good bye episode. This episode would've been better is Robert Reed was in it. The storyline is pretty out there, Greg's hair turns orange. There was a subplot with Bobby, Cindy, and Oliver with a bunch of rabbits. Where was Jan in this episode? Did she have any lines? Marcia and Peter only had a few lines at the end. In a way you can think of 'The Brady Brides' reunion TV movie as the finale. I loved it! The movie has a great story and gives a sense of closure It was the only Brady reunion movie/spinoff to include ALL of the original cast members (Jan replaced in 'Brady Variety Hour' Cindy was replaced in 'Very Brady Christmas' and Marcia replaced in 'The Bradys')
  • Good episode, disappointing ending...

    This show is one of the greatest shows of all time. Even though, many of the episodes can be corny, the characters, from the lovable alice, to all the kids make this show worth watching. This episode was, how should I put this? One, of the more "sillier" episodes, but that doesn't make it bad. It has some very funny moments, and in the end turns out to be a classic brady episode. It's disappointing, however, that this is the last episode of the series, without Robert Reed even in the episode. It's still a good episode, but in my opinon, was not a great way to end it.
  • It Was Stated Somewhere That Mike Orgianly Was The One Who Had The Orange Hair....

    ... Yet Robert Reed refused to do the episode even after the writers might had to rewrite the script to fit Greg in.
    However, the series 5th season by far was the best, the sugary sweetness of the earlier seasons (especally seasons 1 and part of 2),the plots delt with more silliness and less than kiddies don't do that or why becuase you are growing up jazz, which was ok, but the kids were almost either almost grown up(Barry Williams was nearing 20 by some rescourses) or almost teens(Mike Lookingland was 13 and Susan Olsen was 12)at the time of the 5th season.
    It was about time to have some fun filled comedy which ran rampant through the 5th season.
    While the silleness of the epiosde might not be great to many people, it is a fairly funny episode.
  • I sure wish Robert Reed would have been in this one.

    I also kind of thought that this episode had kind of a dumb plot. But i still thought it was ok. It just didn\'t seen very serious. I mean orange hair? What a joke. It said that Mike didn\'t appear because he something like \'problems with the producers.\' But all in all it was cute.