The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 1

The Honeymoon

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1969 on ABC
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The Honeymoon

In the series opener, Mike Brady, a widower with three boys, weds Carol Martin, a widow with three girls. Just after the minister marries them, the boys' dog, Tiger gets loose and chases the girls' cat through the wedding party. Chaos breaks loose which prompts Carol and Mike to yell at their kids to control their pets. Guilt over yelling at their kids comes into play later during Mike's and Carol's honeymoon.


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  • Has the Honeymoon ever really ended?

    It\'s no coincidence that \'modern television\' is said to have begun in 1969. Sherwood Schwartz, the genius behind \"Gilligan\'s Island,\" came up with the novel idea of using children in a TV series, setting the stage for every family show made since. In this first episode, we get to see how it all started, with Mike & Carol\'s wedding merging two half-families into that most perfect of TV families, so perfect that, within a year, even they would forget how it all started, never again to refer to their step-status. But what about the hidden messages? Why, for instance, is Cindy's doll considered a family member only in this one episode? And why does Mike address Peter as PETA? Could this have been a subtle way of telling us that Tiger was the head of the household? And is this the reason Tiger disappeared from the series after a year or two? Could Mike have really been that insecure with being Tiger's number two guy? And what about Reverend Alden? How could he, on the one hand, time-travel from the 19th century to marry Mike & Carol, while on the other hand, not become Reverend Alden for another five years? And wasn't this the same minister that married Rob & Laura Petrie? Where\'s Rod Serling when you need him?moreless
  • This episode is about the coming together of the Brady family - Mike Brade and his 3 boys (and Alice) and the Brady women - Carol and her 3 girls. Mike and Carol get married which joins this family together. All chaos breaks lose following the ceremony.moreless

    I think this episode is definitely part of the series classics - how the two families joined together - and showed some of the concerns of the kids - what coming together as a big family would mean and how nervous both sides were. After Carol and Mike get married, they go off on their honeymoon, but they weren't used to being without the kids and went back and got them, plus Alice. This episode also serves to let the viewer know that there would be many issues to come in future episode as to how the family deals with every days problems of a joined family.moreless
  • A rough beginning!

    I was never a fan of the first season of the series. I probaby get use to the show later when it became a little better. The first epsiode of the series we were introduced to Mike Brady who is preparing to marry Carol. The catch is that Mike got three boys and Carol got three girls. You go figure. The only highlight of the series is tiger, the boy's family dog goes after the girl's cat though the wedding party. I didn't care about this epsiode which I saw many years ago. It's a mixed episode, not a classic episode. It could be more fun, but it's not.moreless
  • The start

    Well what a start to a classic series. You can already tell that drama is bound to happen and I am looking forward to watching more.

    Even though I am watching this series years later after it originally aired on TV I still enjoy it even though it is really corny with all the morals you learn in each episode.

    In this episode what sticks in my head is Carols nighty! It is so old fashioned, it could almost pass as a dress!

    They all come together so easily and happily really considering the fact that their are so many kids.

    I would love to know what really happened to their partners before, are they dead?moreless
  • "So, was I right to invite my mom along on my honeymoon?"

    The above line is from a humorous commercial that aired a few years back for a popular expectorant. In this case, it's the kids who tag along. There is humor, like when the inn clerk thinks the kids are, er, illegitimate, but there's also warm sentiment, portrayed with the usual Brady humor. When Mike and Carol are enjoying their candlelight dinner together on their honeymoon, they both realize they were rather hard on the kids when their combatant pets messed up the wedding ceremony. Feeling guilty about leaving the kids home and feeling left out, they leave their warm time alone with each other, not bothering to get dressed, and go back to retrieve the kids, and the pets, and, of course, Alice (the best and funniest member of the cast). As I see it, the theme of this first episode of this classic series is, conscience. Most subsequent episodes would have similar moral themes. What happened to moral themes for sitcoms?moreless

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  • TRIVIA (9)

    • If anyone wonders why Cindy's hairstyle here as pigtails is so much like that of Buffy Davis played by Anissa Jones in the 1966 TV sitcom Family Affair, or vice versa, it's because Cindy copied off of Buffy.

    • Tiger couldn't have opened the window with the automatic switch because the car is not running!

    • The most unbelievable part of this episode is Mike and Carol coming back to the house to bring all of the kids on their honeymoon.

    • Fans of another 70's TV show may recognize the minister who marries Mike and Carol: that's actor Dabbs Greer, who played the Reverend Alden for ten seasons on "Little House on the Prairie". 21 years after this episode Mr Greer would return to play the same part as the minister who marries Bobby to his college sweetheart in the pilot episode of the 1990 reunion show The Bradys.

    • This is the only episode that shows the girls' cat, Fluffy.

    • If Carol's first husband had the last name of Martin, then Marcia's birth name must have been Marcia Martin.

    • Towards the end of the wedding they show a seen where Tiger the dog is chasing Fluffy the cat across several tables with refreshments and food for the wedding reception. If you look closely you can see strings attached to the tables to cause them to shake in order for the cake and plates to fall off.

    • This is the only episode in which Mike and his boys talk about the boys' mother. Throughout the rest of the series, they never talk about her.

    • While Tiger is in the car, you can see a close-up of his paws near a manual window-opening device. Yet later, when Tiger tries to escape from the same car, his paws are shown pressing against an automatic window opener.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Bobby: Wow, I'd love to go on a honeymoon! What should I take?
      Greg: A girl, dummy!

    • Carol: A few years ago, I thought it was the end of the world.
      Mike: Now it's just the beginning. For both of us.
      Carol: Uh-uh. For all of us.
      Mike: Right. The whole blooming Brady Bunch!

    • Greg: I'm going back to bed.
      Peter: Aren't you going with us?
      Greg: Not me, I'm too old to go on a honeymoon.
      Bobby: Dad's older than you are and he's going.

    • Mike: How would you girls like to come along with us?
      Jan: On your honeymoon?
      Carol: That's right.
      Cindy: Oh, bright. I've never been on a honeymoon.
      Jan: Neither have I, and I am older than you are.

    • Pringle: Oh, Mr. Brady, you have signed this Mr. Brady, Mrs. Brady and family.
      Mike: Hmm, I forgot. It's force of habit. Kids aren't with us.
      Pringle: But you did ask for the honeymoon suite.
      Carol: Oh, it's quite alright Mr. Pringle. You see …
      Mike: (interrupts her) It's quite alright darling. No need to explain. It's obvious that this gentleman doesn't dig the modern generation.

    • Peter: (to Carol, refers to Mike) This morning he put 21 spoons sugar into the coffee
      Mike: You're exaggerating.
      Bobby: (refers to Mike) But he didn't forget his pants.

    • Carol: (stressed, hair undone, in the middle of using make up) How could you girls sit there and say I look beautiful?
      Cindy: Because we love you.

    • Carol: (phoning with Mike) Cindy thought, there are real butterflies in my stomach.
      Mike: You're lucky if you only get butterflies. I've got six flying saucers in mine.

    • Peter: (to Mike) I once saw a movie where a man was getting married. He was so nervous. He forgot to put his pants on.
      Bobby: (looks under the table to get a look at Mike's pants) You're OK, dad.

    • Alice: I don't blame you for being nervous, Mr. Brady. This is a very important Saturday.
      Mike: (puts sugar into his coffee) Why should I be nervous? What makes you think I'm nervous?
      Alice: It's the first time I ever saw you take twenty-one spoons of sugar.
      Mike: (pauses) I like it sweet.

  • NOTES (16)