The Brady Bunch

Season 5 Episode 21

The Hustler

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 1974 on ABC

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  • Practice makes perfect, and Bobby showed us that while he was practicing pool.

    This a great episode. It is also the first appearance of Mike's current boss, Mr. Harry Matthews. Mr. Matthews sends a pool table to the Brady house, accidentally without his card. It turns out that Bobby loves the pool table, and he becomes a real pool nut as a result. He stays up late as a reslt of being a pool nut. Than he dreams he is a professional pool player, earning over $1 million as a result of being. Than, after Peter and Oliver wake him up, he is upset that "he blew a million bucks". He even goes far as to beat Mr. Matthews in a game, and earns 256 packs of gum.
  • They call that hustling?

    Word - Hustle; Definition - To con or deceive;

    Did Bobby con or deceive anyone in this episode? NO! That is why I don't understand why this episode was named The Hustler. Why was it, actually?

    The episode is about Mike getting rewarded a pool table from his boss. Bobby gets interesting in pool and learns he is really good at it. So far, so good. By that I mean, no sign of hustling!

    Then Mike & Bobby and Mike's friends at work just starting playing pool against each other. Bobby never tricked anyone into taking their things. (Thats another definition for hustle, by the way)

    So, the writers of this episode should of picked a different name. The Hustler? Why put something in the title of an episode that never happens? The episode itself though, or plotwise, was pretty good. Your average eppy.