The Brady Bunch

Season 2 Episode 9

The Not-So-Ugly Duckling

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1970 on ABC
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Jan has been smitten with Clark Tyson and they've been studying together. However, when Marcia casually, steps in the family room, Clark is instantly smitten. Jan becomes insecure about her looks and seeks out ways to get rid of her freckles. However, later, not wanting people to feel sorry for her, Jan makes up an imaginary boyfriend, George Glass, just in time for a surprise birthday party, being thrown by her family.


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  • Jan's new look?

    In this episode, boys don't notice Jan because she doesn't dress the way most girls do. Carol suggests to Jan that wearing a dress might help and it does...GREATLY. But before this episode, I don't recall Jan not dressing like a girl, she always did.

    This should've been a concept used for "A Very Brady Movie". Jan is always upset that Marcia gets noticed and she doesn't. In the movie, Jan is always in bell bottoms while Marcia's always in a mini dress or mini skirt. Jan only wears a dress once or twice in the first movie. But in the second movie, "A Very Brady Sequel", Jan is always wearing a dress or skirt. You'd think that maybe the idea that Jan should start dressing more like a girl occurred to her in between the 2 movies. Though she still doesn't get noticed much, until she meets George Glass FOR REAL!moreless
  • Good episode

    Another adventure in Brady Land begins with one of Jan\\\'s typical middle-girl crises. Her new boyfriend, Clarke Tyson, tall (for a 12 year old) dark haired, and \\\"the best looking boy in her class\\\" has come over to study with Jan for tomorrow\\\'s Geography test. Another appealing trait would be his smarts, as he reminds Jan to include \\\"Baha California\\\" on her study map. Alice, seeing Jan marvel over her new flame, says she would like one \\\"in the big, economy size\\\".(doesn\\\'t Sam count?? anyway...) This is supposedly Jan\\\'s first boyfriend (and success with guys), despite the fact that it was mentioned in the first season episode about \\\"The Locket\\\", that she had \\\"scads of admireres\\\", including a Willie Dowripple, whom Cindy referrs to as \\\"a real scad\\\". Everything is going great for Jan and Clark until older sis waltzes into the family room to fetch her Math book, and Clark\\\'s attention is quickly turned from maps to Marcia. Jan is distraught, saying the next day at school that she passed Clark numerous times in the hall and lunchroom, and claims he ignored her all day. Mike and Carol question Marcia about her motives, but Marcia claims innocence, saying she had no flirty intentions the previous day( We are inclined to believe her, but who knows what Filmore Junior High\\\'s Finest was REALLY thinking!) Jan ask Greg\\\'s advice on boys, and Greg gives a lame-o response that JUST a \\\"crummy face\\\" could drive a guy away. Now Jan believes that it is her \\\"crummy face\\\" turning Clark off, freckles and all. In the kitchen, Mike, Carol and Alice discuss Jan\\\'s boy-popularity problem, with Mike reminiscing about a crush he had on girl with missing teeth (i guess this was pre BoBo aka Irene Hesselroth from his high school days). While Alice bakes Jan\\\'s favorite cookies, cinnamon, Jan heads to the Valley Drug store, in hopes of finding some remedy for her freckled face. She talks to a plump, jolly pharmacist who doesn\\\'t recommend the litening creams for a girl her age, but does suggest a little lemon juice. Back at home, the gang is planning an early surprise birthday party to briten Jan\\\'s spirits, with each of the kids in charge of a certain part of the party planning. The kids hide presents, and Peter paints an abstract of an elephant as a gift. Upon returning home, Jan misunderstands a little, and brings a bowl of fresh lemons into her bedroom, proceeding to cut them and rub the half on her face. Just as the lemon starts to sting her eyes, an even bigger sting-she overhears Peter gushing over a really cute girl from his class- and surprise-she has freckles. What to do now? Well, i guess there\\\'s nothing left to do but cry, with Jan saying to herself \\\"it isn\\\'t the freckles, it\\\'s just dumb old you!\\\".

    When they hear from Bobby that Jan is acting strange, Mike and Carol come up to console her. And here starts the famous part that we all remember-Jan\\\'s pretend boyfriend, George Glass! To hide her embarrassment from her parents, Jan invents imaginary George, inventing the name \\\"Glass\\\" on the spur of the moment after she sees a drinking glass on Cindy\\\'s nitestand. Jan\\\'s mood goes supsiciously from blue to happy in a short time, with reports of this awesome new guy who carries her lunch tray and calls her on the fone at nite. So Mike and Carol get a great idea- why not invite her new crush to her birthday party?! They put the kids on his trail only to have the mystery deepen-not only is there no George in Jan\\\'s class, there\\\'s no one by that name in their part of town! Mike and Carol catch on, and at this point are even more determined to help solve Jan\\\'s boy problems. The lightbulb goes on for Carol-Why not ask a boy? The next day, Carol invites Clarke over for pie and casual conversation. Curious as to what the boys in the class think of Jan, Clark says they all like her-but maybe not what Carol was fishing for. They all admire her for her tomboyishness, but not as a ribbons and curls kinda girl. Now it\\\'s all starting to make sense. Outside on the patio, Mike is getting out the home movie camera, with Marcia, who is washing the car along with Peter, squeals that she doesn\\\'t wanna be on camera and looks terrible ( can\\\'t have Filmore\\\'s future Juliet looking anything but stage-worthy, right ? :P) Clark, who is bouncing his baseball, is starstruck when Jan comes out in a beautiful pink, frilly dress, which she jokingly refers to as dumb , but he thinks it\\\'s \\\"cool\\\". Looks like she won her man! Within the next days, Jan arrives home from somewhere in a similar blue frilly dress, to be totally surprised as she walks in the front door on her own surprise party. All her friends are there, including Clark (who is dressed like a miniature Sonny Bono) and he tells her happy birthday. After polishing off Marcia\\\'s homemade double chiffon peppermint pink frosting cake with icecream and seconds to go around, Carol and Mike muse that Cindy shouldn\\\'t be interested in boys for at least...a couple of weeks..that is until they see a little friend from the party whispering secrets in her ear. And all ends well in the Brady world...or at least until the next season when Cindy has a similar run of bad luck with boyfriends.

    *Note-this episode has a lot of interesting contradictions-clothes, especially Jan\\\'s shirts change several times within the same day, and it\\\'s kind of unclear which days are which sometimes. :) Apparently the editors weren\\\'t looking when they pieced together the final copy.moreless
  • A mildly interesting episode.

    At the beginning of the episode it seems like Jan has all the bad luck with boys and Marcia has all the good luck. You never would have though that Jan would go to Greg for help about boys and what they like in a girl. Of course it didn't help that it made her feel even worse. Jan thinking up a fake boyfriend is definitely a stupid move. Carol finally going to the boy that started the whole problem with Jan to ask what the boys at school think of her was awesome then the suprise party was definitely a hit.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Jan is downstairs with Mike and Carol, Jan's hairbow is red. When Jan goes upstairs to Marsha Jan's hairbow is green.

    • In "Sorry, Right Number" the previous season, Jan is explaining to her friend on the phone how to get rid of freckles. But she needs to ask someone in this episode.

    • When Jan comes upstairs to complain to Marcia about her and Clark Tyson, she is clearly wearing different clothes then she was when she was downstairs complaining to Mike and Carol.

    • With dinner imminently ready, the Brady's had time for:
      - Jan to ask permission to go to the drug store, and consult the pharmicist;
      - Alice and the other five children to plan Jan's birthday party;
      - Bobby and Cindy to get Jan a birthday gift and hide under the bed;
      - Marcia to bake a fancy cake;
      - Jan to get lemons from the kitchen, though Alice was there with dinner imminent;
      - Greg and Peter to get home and go to their room to talk about a girl with freckles;
      - And FINALLY, Alice announces that dinner is ready.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • (Bobby and Cindy watch from under the bed as Jan rubs a lemon on her face)
      Bobby: What's she doin' that for?
      Cindy: I guess she wants sour skin

  • NOTES (3)