The Brady Bunch

Season 3 Episode 6

The Personality Kid

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1971 on ABC
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Peter goes to a party and apparently someone there tells him that he's dull and doesn't have a personality. Convinced he doesn't have personality, Peter goes all out to try to get one. After imitating celebrities, Peter decides to try a funny personality in which he stocks up on jokes and plans to show his new personality off at a party. Meanwhile, Bobby and Cindy whip the house into shape after learning about fire safety at school.


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    Porkchauuups and Apple-shauuce! If you don't know this line, you just don't know The Brady Bunch! Peter comes moping home from Jane's party, and although we don't know what yet, we can guarantee it will be solved in less than 30 minutes ;) But he sure is one sad guy. Carol and Mike, being the ever-understanding parents that they are, try to help find out what the problem is. The one guy that talked to him at the party told him he has no personality. Mike and Carol say that's silly, but Peter says "parents have to say junk like that". The parents assure him that he just had a bad experience, like Mike use to have at parties when he was Peter's age, and like Carol has at certain luncheons. He'll feel much better in the morning, but as we know in BradyLand, the sulking last a little longer than that. Peter tells everyone in the family that he's dull, and they blow it off, but he's still not convinced. After his tune still hasn't changed, Mike suggest he change personality to better himself. Meanwhile, Bobby and Cindy have been working adamantly on a school safety campaign, checking outlets and removing electrical octopuses, leading the typically misinformed Alice ("a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and ignorance is bliss!") to believe there might have been a real octopus in the kitchen. The next safety measure is a fire drill, this first one with the whole family's knowledge so they can practice. While Bobby and Cindy have been keeping the house in tip-top safety condition, Peter has been off in his own little world, watching old movies on the portable TV set in the boys' bedroom. When Peter is the last one to arrive outside for the fire drill, he appears clad in a grey suit, an umbrella over his shoulder, and a British accent. Bobby and Cindy-with their usual cute lines-"What's the umbrella for? I don't even see any clouds!"But it's not for a rainstorm- it's Peter's new personality. Peter seems to have misunderstood-he didn't actually change his own personality, he was just imitating movie stars. The family doesn't know what to say, and Peter trudges away because they don't like it.Marcia and friend Kathy Lawrence try to lift his spirits by acting excited when he tells about a TV sci-fi movie, "The Invasion of the Potato People". But Cindy ruins the surprise when she ask if they "tricked" him yet. What a bummer! His next move is to try imitating a smoother operator-like Humphrey Bogart. ('If you want me, sweetheart, just whistle"). While Carol turns meat in the skillet and Alice peels lettuce for the salad, Peter tries out his Casablanca motif. When his movie star routine starts to get old, Mike suggest developing his own personality rather than copying the great ones. "It isn't gonna be easy" says Peter as he goes away, but it is quickly remedied. Peter buys a new joke book and tries his luck telling school-kid type jokes. To make him feel good, the family laughs hysterically at his mildly funny jokes. This boosts his confidence enough to throw a party for himself (deh-ja-vuh-think the episode "The Hero") and show off his new found personality. The kids love the jokes-but they were SO popular that they already knew the punchlines! Peter's back to his bummed self when a girl ask him what's wrong. When he informs her that he's dull, she ask another girl to convince him that he's not. Pretty soon, there's girls of all kinds making over a self-deprecating Peter. ("He's got a harem!",Mike says.) It appears that dull is in, and Peter's won him the attention of some lovely middle school ladies.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The episode's title The Personality Kid is a reference to the 1965 movie The Cincinnati Kid starring Steve McQueen.

    • In the scene where Peter is talking on the phone in front of Mike and Carol, look at his sleeve when he hangs up the phone. His shirt changes, and he appears to be wearing a dress. Either that or a very "puffy" shirt.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Mike: What's for dinner?
      Carol: (Humphrey Bogart impersonation) Porkshops & appleschause.
      Mike: What's that?
      Carol: (Still impersonating) Porkshops & applechause. Isn't that schwell?
      Mike: I think you need a vacation.
      Carol: (Normal voice) Guess who's coming to dinner?
      Mike: A psychiatrist I hope?
      Carol: No, I think it's Humphrey Bogart.

      Peter enters the living room..

      Peter: (Impersonating Bogart) Hi dad! We're havin porkshops & appleschause!

    • Peter: (as Bobby and Cindy are having a "fire drill" in the middle of his party) What a time to have a fire drill. Just as I was entertaining my five guests.
      Carol: But you had eleven guest.
      Peter: Who counts boys?!?!

    • Peter: I'm dull. D-U-L-L.
      Greg: For crying out loud, that's stupid. S-T-U-P-I-D.

    • Peter: (in Humphrey Bogart's voice) Porkshops and appleschause (as his way of pronouncing "pork chops and applesauce")!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Peter is struggling in vain to keep his party afloat when Bobby and Cindy conduct a surprise fire drill. The "fire drill" was part of the subplot, where the two are learning about safety in the home at school.

    • This is the famous "Porkchops and Applesauce" episode, where Peter does a bad Humphrey Bogart impression when announcing that night's family dinner menu.