The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 22

The Possible Dream

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 1970 on ABC

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  • We all know this one ;)

    This is Marcia's first big crush that we see on the series. Marcia has got the super-hots for teen popular, mullet haired Desi Arnaz Junior, son of the famous Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. Marcia watches him on "The Lucy Show" and can't get over the way he plays those drums. Using the garage as her private get away, Marcia writes in her red-brown leather covered diary about how cute and hip he is. And a secret the whole world can't know (or she'd perish)- that her dream of dreams is to some day be MRS. Desi Arnaz JR! Until tomorrow...she hides the diary behind some sleeping bags in the garage.(looks like the same green ones they used for the camping trip in the first season). But this mistake is gonna cost her...Carol has called a "Goodwill" type charity truck, called "The Friend in Need Society" to the house, to get rid of all the old books they don't want anymore-including one's from Mike's brief botany phase-"The Flora and Fauna of Southeastern Australia". Cindy is playing with a blue rubber ball, and when it bounces into the garages, she discovers Marcia's diary (unbeknownst to Cindy what it is) behind the sleeping bags. Poor Cindy was just trying to be helpful, and gives it to the man cuz they "might as well get rid of all the OLD books!"

    Marcia goes back the next day to put in that day's entry, and starts to get scared when she can't find the diary. She accuses the boys of pulling one of their jokes, but they didn't. But Greg does tease her about writing mushy stuff in it like, that when she saw a boy at the deli, their fingers tingled when they reached for the same potato salad. But Marcia defends that she wouldn't write mushy stiff like that in her diary! (Well, almost Marcia). Jan doesn't know about it either, but DOES want to know some secrets in it. But when Marcia finds out that Cindy is the guilty party, she has her mega-crises of the season ( next to her braces). She'll never speak to little sis again, and it appears that the world, indeed, has come to a catastrophic end. The only one who seems to understand his grief is Alice, who use to keep a diary herself. So she reveals her mad passions for Desi JR to Alice.

    Mike goes to town to hunt for the lost tome- but he won't find it at The Friend in Need Society warehouse because all the books have been shipped out to various used bookstores. Mike tells the worker he is looking for a diary, but the guy's mind is in the gutter and he believes the diary is about a sweet young thing that Mike hides from "The Little Woman". The guy gives him a list of all the possible bookshops and their addresses that it could have gone to-and the search is gonna be a daunting one.

    Marcia gets hopeful when Carol tells her that Mike will probably be bringing back the diary soon-but Marcia silently worries that he might read it. But Carol assures her he won't-how did Carol know what she was thinking? One of the many secrets of motherhood. Even the boys who got accused are good hearted-they just pooled there money to buy Marcia a new diary.

    Mike returns empty handed, and Marcia wants to die, but Carol has a better idea-Marcia and Cindy know what the diary looks, so why don't split up the list and Marcia and Mike will hunt some of the bookstores while Carol and Cindy hunt the rest. Carol and Cindy meet up with a nutty worker at Gilbert's Books who is an avid history buff, and he rattles of history dates and historical diaries which is of no help. the girls look thru the boxes that just came in from Friend in Need, and Cindy gets excited when she finds on old copy of her favorite book, Alice in Wonderland. (It was mentioned that Cindy liked Alice in Wonderland in the episode, "Cindy Brady, Lady".-but at the time she was taking an interest in Hemingway and no the rabbit hole) Cindy wants Carol to read it to her, but the search must continue.

    No luck on Mike and Marcia's end so they return home-maybe a big bowl of chocolate icecream will lift her spirits. If not, then how about a visit from the man himself? Seems Alice has connections-she actually knows Lucy Ball's housekeeper and has invited the dashing Desi over to meet his number one fan! Marcia is starstruck-and soon after Cindy and Carol arrive home-they found her diary in the last bookshop! Marcia introduces her as my sister Cynthia-and with one of the cutest Brady lines ever she says-"People call me Cthindy!" Marcia opens her diary to show Desi her secret writings, but worries they might sounds gooey. But Desi thinks its groovy that girls like her write their dreams-it's one of the best parts of being a celebrity. With that, Desi gives her a kiss on the cheek goodbye, and Marcia will never wash that cheek again-not even a week after the kiss!

    *Note-This is the first Brady episode to feature a big name guest star.