The Brady Bunch

Season 2 Episode 3

The Slumber Caper

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1970 on ABC

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  • Marcia acted too hastily

    It's true that Marcia didn't deserve to be punished but what she did to Jenny was worse than what the principal did to her. It's true Mr. Randolph did still punish her but he did give her a chance to tell her side of the story. Marcia just uninvited Jenny out of the blue and told her they weren't friends anymore without even saying why, leaving Jenny hurt and confused.

    This should've been said when Marcia told Mike and Carol about what she did;

    Carol: So when Jenny said she didn't do it, you didn't believe her?

    Marcia: Actually, when I called Jenny, I didn't even mention the paper to her.

    Carol: (gasps) Marcia.

    Mike: Marcia that was a very hasty thing to do.

    Marcia: I was just so sure that Jenny did it.

    Carol: Marcia, I hate to say it but it seems you did worse to Jenny than Mr. Randolph did to you.

    Marcia: What do you mean?

    Mike: Marcia, it's true that Mr. Randolph blamed you even though you were innocent but he did give you a chance to explain yourself. But you, you blamed Jenny and didn't even tell her what for.

  • Not a very good episode.

    In this episode Marcia gets blamed for something that she didn't do. I think that they should have done more to figure out who did that to Marcia instead of just doing little things. One thing Marcia should have done was wait until she actually had proof that Jenny did it before she accused her. The only reason the boys wanted Marcia to have her slumber party is so that they can play tricks on them. The funny thing is it was one of their tricks that the person that did the actual joke tells Marcia. This episode is funny in some parts but it's not really a good episode.