The Brady Bunch

Season 5 Episode 20

The Snooperstar

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1974 on ABC

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  • Train Wreck

    Without a doubt that The Brady Bunch ran out of gas during its final season. They were getting killed by Sanford & Son because times has changed and The Brady Bunch was a relic of the past. The Snooperstar was The Brady Bunch at its lowest point. It was embarrassing to poor Susan Olsen who had to act like a 5 year old Shirley Temple. Clearly after the Brady Bunch was finally cancelled this wrecked Susan Olsen's career and couldn't become a teen actress.
  • Even Shirley Temple stoppped being "Shirley Temple" by this age!

    This episode kinda makes you wonder if the script for it had been lying around for several years. This would have been adorable if shooting took place while Cindy was around 6 or 7. Dressing, singing, and dancing like Shirley Temple at 11 or 12 could make Cindy a candidate for psychiatric help. If left untreated, the Brady family could have the youngest one in curls going through a "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" situation 20+ years in the future...
  • Probably the very worst Brady bunch episode ever.

    Simply awful. The show had already officially "jumped the shark" by this time. What could be more silly than watching poor Cindy, who was already visibly maturing, being forced to act like a 5 year old. The scene where she dresses up like Shirley Temple really says it all. After all, poor little Cindy was still being treated like a little girl, despite the fact that she was becoming a woman by now. As if this isn't bad enough, why don't we throw in annoying little cousin Oliver to boot? Don't get me wrong here. I actually like the Brady Bunch as a series. They taught us some pretty good lessons just like Leave It To Beaver did in the 50's & 60's, but by the time this episode came along they were about one year past where they should have ended the series.
  • Just average.

    Cindy gets to that age that every young child goes through. Its that stage where the youngest child is gets to be a snooper and like to get into their older siblings' lives. One way how to do this, is steal their siblings' journal, or as in this episode, their diary.

    So Cindy, once again, steals Marcia's diary. One day, Marcia just knows Cindy is reading her diary. So she writes a story about Cindy being the new Shirley Temple. I really shouldn't say "story". She's writing something that she wants Cindy to believe is true. So yeah. She's talking about Cindy Brady being the new Shirley Temple.

    So when Cindy finds that entry in Marcia's diary, (Marcia also adds that a lady is coming to visit the Bradys and has something to do with Cindy being the new Shirley Temple) Cindy goes nuts. She goes wild, and it is so funny to see Cindy play the new "pretend" Shirley Temple. Of course the lady coming for Shirley Temple was a lie, but still a lady comes. So Lil' Miss Shirley Temple believe that is the same lady and she starts acting in front of her, and to Marcia's and Jan's surprise, she actually likes it, and Cindy has no clue that they were joking. But the plan backfired. Why? Cause the result for Cindy was good anyways! Better luck, next time, Marcia and Jan. I was really rooting for you!
  • Watching 11-year old Cindy Brady act like Shirley Temple is a kodak moment.

    Cindy was being curious if Marcia was writing about her in her diary. At first she finds nothing. Than, Jan and Marcia decide to trap her, by saying something exciting. Cindy thinks that Mike's client, Ms. Penelope Fletcher, is an anonymous talent scout looking for a new Shirley Temple. Without giving Ms. Fletcher a chance to explain, Cindy starts singing. As Mike & Carol are going downstairs, they catch Cindy singing, and Ms. Fletcher too. This gave Ms. Fletcher a change of heart. She became a little more nicer, and the designs didn't really matter anymore. But the folks talk to the girls. And, Marcia and Jan won't do anymore diary tricks, and Cindy promised never to snoop again.