The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 18

The Subject Was Noses

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1973 on ABC

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  • Marcia gets in a mess; She makes two dates on the same night, breaks one for another guy, gets a swollen nose, and gets dumped on her other date. What else could go wrong?

    Marcia starts the episode about to go on a date with the big man on campus: Doug Simpson. But then she makes another date on the same day by accident with a less popular, good looking boy named Charlie. When she realizes it, she breaks her date with Charlie, and her excuse is "Something suddenly came up". Then, when she's so confident of herself, she gets hit in the nose with a football. Her nose then swells up like a balloon, and Doug cancels on her. Then, she goes to sleep crying. Then when her nose gets better, Doug asks her on a date again, but Marcia refuses and says, "Something suddenly came up". Then she goes over to Charlie and asks him out. He says yes, and guess who they meet on their date? If you said Doug Simpson, then you'd be correct. Then they got in a fight. One went home running with a swolen up nose like a balloon - guess who. If you said Charlie - you'd be incorrect. It was Doug!

    So in the end, Marcia realizes that Charlie is a better person inside, even if he isn't popular, good looking or anything. To me, I thought it was an awesome episode. Especially at the end when Marcia tells her parents about Doug's nose and how she denies the fact she had a swolen nose, before, too. That was pretty funny. Nice episode.