The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 18

The Subject Was Noses

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1973 on ABC

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  • What a classic!

    As Marcia and her friend Vicki walk home from school one day, they are discussing Doug Simpson, the biggest thing to hit Westdale High since Tank Gates (episode \"Quarterback Sneak\") But speak of the devil! Don\'t look now, but here\'s the big man on campus right behind them! Doug says he\'s been wanting to meet Marcia, and Marcia is struck speechless for a moment, but then says Yes when asks he out for Saturday night. Vicki is thrilled for her friend, but Marcia\'s thrill is fading-she just remembered she had a date with Saturday night with lovable Charlie-the guy without a phony bone in his body, who just wants to go out for pizza and chili dogs and have a good time. Charlie is sweet, but Doug is the hottest thing at Westdale High. What IS she gonna do?

    Back at the Brady home, Mike and Carol are getting ready to wallpaper their bedroom-and since his dad is in the wallpaper biz, Charlie can arrange a discount for a friend\'s family-and he delivers the samples himself. Alice offers him some cookies for his hard work, too. Doug Simpson drive Marcia home in a sporty car-but sister Jan has to act quick because Charlie is still inside-and she give Marcia the hint in front of a confused Doug-saying that the house is a mess with wallpaper and Doug will have to come back some other time. Charlie runs into Marcia and is excited about their date on Saturday night- he\'ll even let Marcia pick where they eat-all the choices are up to her. But knowing Marcia-it\'s hard not to guess what choice she\'ll make-and she tells Charlie they have to break their date for Saturday night.(\"Something suddenly came up!\") Charlie is hurt, but optimistic, and he hopes they can reschedule soon.

    Another battle of the sexes is underway, and Mike and Carol can\'t decide on what wallpaper to use for the room. Carol wants a feminine pink rose design, and Mike wants a functional, manly stripe. When Bobby and Cindy are asked their opinions, their choices are predictable (\"Looks like it runs in the family!\") When the decision becomes a cat, Carol decides they should just repaint-and Mike makes it even more boring by deciding to paint the same color(after Carol wanted to refurnish the entire bedroom in the new paint color).

    Marcia is off in la-la land-almost as dreamy as she was over Desi Junior and Harvey Klinger in earlier episodes. She\'s talking to Doug and the phone about their date Saturday night, and can\'t even find the cradle to hang up the receiver when\'s she done. Carol asks Marcia to tell the boys to clean up their room, and the boys are playing football outside. But Marcia soon wakes up from her dream when she goes outside and is hit by a flying football right in the nose! (By accident, of course). The boys rush over to apologize-and the next scene shows Marcia with a purple bruise. Luckily it\'s not TOO serious, because the doctor says it wasn\'t broken. Cindy teases by saying it\'s a nice shade of blue-but Marcia is sure her date is doomed with Doug.(Too bad she would TAKE somebody that shallow in the first place. But knowing Marcia... LOL ) But Cindy says she\'s proud to be here mater HOW terrible she looks! Jan says that Doug, being on the football team, is probably use to seeing a lot of swollen noses-but not on girls-Marcia is quick to remind.

    Marcia wouldn\'t have come to school at all the next day if it hadn\'t been for those 2 dumb tests-and she hides behind a notebook all day. She almost gets away with it-unti she sees Doug approaching her, and she makes a beeline for the water fountain. Marcia encourages Doug to walk to the next class without her, but she\'s drinking so much water he thinks she must be part camel. Doug is surprised at the swollen nose, and now conveniently can\'t make it for their date on Saturday because an aunt is coming to town. (but for the time being-\"Something suddenly came up\") Looks like Marcia got a taste of her own medicine!

    Meanwhile, the Brady gang has been busy re-painting the parent\'s bedroom in pale blue-and they\'re a little klunky at it. Jan hands Peter a sloppy paint brush, and Bobby and Cindy are playing tic tac doe with white paint (on the blue) that was suppose to be for the window trim. Greg is painting across the door, and paints an unsuspecting Alice across the mouth by accident when she comes thru the door! Alice calls for turpentine, but decides to take a little lick (Ew!)

    With the paint still wet in the room, Alice makes up the couch beds in the family room for Mike and Carol to sleep on. Carol says do you realize this is the first time since we\'ve been married that we have slept in the same bed? (What about the time when Alice sprained her ankle and Carol had to go visit her Aunt Mary?) Marcia is really hurt about Doug\'s snub, and comes down for some milk late at night. Mike and Carol asks her if she wants to talk, and she tells then the situation. But it looks like Marcia\'s problem isn\'t a swollen nose-it\'s a bruised conscience.

    Marcia\'s nose has healed quickly, and she\'s now facing the schoolyard world with \"rose colored noses\". She runs into Doug again, who\'s aunt has supposedly changed her plans-and he wonders if Saturday night is still on? But Marcia has learned her lesson, and for the 3rd time, something suddenly came up. Greg is proud of her, and they head off to separate classes. On the way to hers, Marcia runs into Charlie who is studying on a park bench. Marcia decides to tell Charlie the truth about why she broke their date-he agrees it was a mean thing to do-but luckily Charlie is a really forgiving guy. Marcia wonders is Saturday night is still on for them, and-you bet! But Charlie has a nerdy tendency or two-and , tying his shoelaces to the park bench, goes kersplat on the cement! But luckily HE didn\'t bruise his nose!-he\'s just clumsy.

    Marcia had a groovy date with Charlie at the pizza parlor--he\'s \"super\". But as luck would have it, Doug runs into them there, and his jealousy takes off-ending up in a punch and a bruised nose. Did Charlie get hurt after all-No-it was Doug! He was so embarrassed he ran all the way home. Looks like Doug got his comupance too! As the show ends Carol ponders that since the bedroom looks so fab with the new paint, it\'s gonna make the hall-and the rest of the connecting house-look really shabby. They end up painting in the end-not the house, but with a little romance.