The Brady Bunch

Season 3 Episode 14

The Teeter-Totter Caper

Aired Unknown Dec 31, 1971 on ABC

Episode Recap

Carol's cousin Gertrude phones to say she is getting married. This is a surprise as Gertrude was regarded as getting past marriage and marriage material. Bobby and Cindy are not among the invites, and Carol says it must be because Gertrude considered them too young. Bobby and Cindy are upset that their age is considered to be against them. They get even more upset when Greg and Peter don't let him help fix Marcia's radio and Jan and Marcia don't let Cindy help them paint a chair because they are too young.

Cindy and Bobby decide to show them that little kids are important by doing something important. They are not sure what to do until they see a news item about two college boys out to break the teeter-totter record of 124 hours. They decide to set out to break that record. Nobody takes them seriously when they start at 8:03am the following morning. The family are more preoccupied with sorting their best clothes and getting the right gift for the wedding. But eventually it sinks in how serious the kids are - especially when reporters turn up to do an article on them. Bobby and Cindy explain to their parents that they called the papers in and show that little kids can be important. Mike and Carol realize what it is all about, and are quite understanding. At dinner, they tell the other kids how little kids can be underestimated, ignored, and taken for granted because they are little. All of a sudden, the older kids are sorry at not allowing Bobby and Cindy to help with the radio and chair. The family now understand the point that Bobby and Cindy are trying to make.

However, Mike says that no matter how serious Bobby and Cindy are about breaking the record, there is something that is bound to stop them. Sure enough, they get tired, fall asleep, and are quietly removed from the teeter-totter.

Bobby and Cindy are annoyed about this the following morning, but then the parents show them the article about themselves in the paper. They are thrilled, but still disappointed they did not break the record. Mike points out that the record was for older people, but is there a teeter-totter record for kids their own age? No? Then they did set a record, for young kids.

Gertrude phones. She has seen the newspaper and wants to have Bobby and Cindy at the wedding. This time, Bobby and Cindy are not thrilled at going and decline. They set off to break another record. Jan and Peter go off to break one too, as they are not going to be outdone by their younger siblings. Mike and Carol wonder if Gertrude has also set a record, waiting 25 years to get married. Alice says not yet as she is still fair competition. But it is a joking-point when the family come back from the wedding.