The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 12

The Voice of Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 1969 on ABC

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  • The first very brady christmas!

    I didn't care much about the first season of the Brady Bunch, but this epiosode is probaby the cloest thing to erfect. It's the first Christmas episode. There will be more to come. Carol lost her voice before she gets to sing at a christmas function. cindy is concern to. she wants mother to sing on christmas day. So she asked a department store santa to grant a wish. When Christmas day comes she can sing. It's the season of giving. Cindy's only wish to hear her mother sing on christmas and she got her wish. One of the best episodes from the first season.
  • This episode is the Bradys' first Christmas together as a family. Carol is supposed to sing at church on Christmas morning, but loses her voice a few days earlier. Young Cindy decides to ask Santa Claus to bring her mother's voice back for Christmas.

    I really liked this episode. It just gives Christmas a special meaning. Everyone is upset that Carol has lost her voice and may not be able to sing on Christmas morning. When Cindy goes to see Santa Claus in the mall, instead of asking for toys, she asks Santa to give her mother her voice back. Santa looks at her big blue eyes and can't possibly tell her no. Mike is upset that Santa has promised something that he can't deliver. Of course, Carol gets her voice back on Christmas morning and is able to sing. This is an extra special episode that is sure to please.
  • A very special Christmas episode.

    This is such an amazing Christmas episode. Cindy wanting her mother to get her voice back is so sweet. Especially when she asks Santa to give her mom her voice back. The different ways Carol tries to get her voice back are hilarious. My favorite one was Alice's it even looked gross. I can't imagine how it would feel/ smell around my neck. When Carol gets her voice back at the end of the episode and is able to sing her solo it is awesome. It is predictable that it will happen but the way that they get there is awesome. It's not like any other episode that is predictable.
  • I am a Chrsistmas Show Fan...

    ...and this is no ecception,the warmth and unsharefullness of a little girl instead of toys, she wants her mother's voice back, so the mother can sing at Church at Christmas.
    Heartwarming and still fun to watch, this epiosde should be one of the greatest episodes of the first season.
    An instant classic if there was ever was one.
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