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The Brady Bunch

Season 2 Episode 21

The Winner

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 1971 on ABC
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Episode Summary


Cindy comes home in a flurry of excitement; it seems she has won a trophy. Seeing this, Bobby realizes he is the only Brady without a trophy. Mike and Carol encourage Bobby to go out and try to get one and he enters numerous contests in order to win one. Including, selling magazines and a televised ice cream eating contest.


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  • A lot of different issues

    That's no attitude for Bobby. You'll never win at anything with an attitude like that. I've won more than one trophies in my life but never all at once, it took me a while. You just have to keep at it.

    The boy selling magazines says the first prize winner gets a college education but he'd rather have second prize a bike. Yeah, well in maybe 10 years he'll probably think differently about that. A college education is worth a lot more money than a bike and is more useful.

    I still think that Bobby should've won. I mean he gets one of Greg's trophies at the end with a piece of paper over the real inscription.

    Carol doesn't like the word, "Stinker"? Was that lady born a nun? There are a lot of words that are A LOT worse than "Stinker".moreless
  • One of My Favorites

    I love this episode. Bobby was always my favorite character so I always liked his the most. It was sad when he wasn't able to win anything, especially when he fell on the floor after we saw his first dream sequence. The funniest part to me is when he gets cocky about throwing the horseshoes then misses! I don't understand why it was such a big deal for him to have Carol and Mike help him sell the magazines. I would have loved for my parents to do that. He had a few "Bobby tantrums" but this is still a great episode!moreless
  • This would be Susan Lucci's favorite episode.

    Bobby realizes that with Cindy winning a trophy for being the best at jacks, Bobby's the only Brady child not to have his own trophy.

    So he desperately tries everything to be good at something for his quest for a trophy and fails each time. At least his brothers & sisters got him his own trophy for trying. This is a perfect episode for Susan Lucci (Daytime Emmys). At least Bobby wouldn't wait 19 years to finally win a trophy for auto racing (The Bradys) & tell the media, "The streak is over!"

    TV Land did some clever editing with the phone number as well to prevent prank calls.moreless
  • A favorite...

    Another big win for a Brady! Cindy is ecstatic, she is excitedly showing a big statue of a jack that she won for being "the best jack player at the playground." Everyone is really excited for her-except Bobby, who's becoming increasingly bummed because he's the only Brady who has never won a trophy for anything in his life. Even Alice has won one! For a modern dance competition at Westdale High School back in the day of gym bloomers. After the family has gushed over Cindy's win, Bobby goes upstairs alone to gaze at the trophies of his brothers and sisters. Marcia and Jan have ballet trophies ,Peter, a citizenship award, and Greg, something that looks like a Grammy award. (Maybe these trophy scenes were a precursor to the next season when Jan said she couldn't take Marcia's awards staring her in the face. It appears Bobby feels the same way, but at least he had the good sense not to dump them in the closet ! ) Feeling that he "can't win", he puts a donkey mask over his face (hee haw) and the scene fades.

    Mike and Carol come up to offer some much-needed sympathy. Carol ties to be encouraging by saying that Bobby had done good (4th place) in a race a while at The Y. Bobby-"There were only 4 guys in the race!" But Mike tells him he's sure to never win, if he doesn't keep trying!

    This is the first episode of Bobby's dream sequence fantasies, and it's along the same lines too-winning and being a big champ. There's some interesting stock footage of old sports like speed boat racing, skiing, and a baseball game, and supposedly Bobby is winning huge trophies in them all. But Bobby goes from "champ" back to "chump" when, from being wrapped up in the dream, he falls out of the bottom bunk and there's a tear on his face as he vows to win a trophy.

    Bobby tries his butt off to win at anything-just ONE thing would make him happy! He plays ring toss with Jan and Marcia and checkers with Peter , and when he loses at everything he tries, he has a tantrum.(This concept is similar to his hang up about being short in "Little Big Man".) When he can't beat his brothers and sisters at friendly competition, he answers to door to a dude selling magazine subscriptions for a contest. The first and second prizes are a college education and a mini-bike, which don't interest Bobby in the least, but a third place trophy does! But there's a small catch-you have to buy a single magazine first. So Bobby buys one that look suspiciously like Greg's installment of "Car Sport" in "Call Me Irresponsible". Bobby is becoming really excited-not only are his brothers, sisters, and Alice buying subscriptions(she bought 6!), but so are many of Mike and Carol's friends. What a great salesman he must be! But when Cindy wants to trade her comic magazine for a beauty magazine, she spills the beans (again) that Mike and Carol had asked their friends to help in Bobby's in his winning. Bobby quits the contest and has another tantrum, unnecessary because Mike and Carol only cared so much.If he can't win at anything on his own, he won't win at all!

    This is the first episode that we see where Bobby is a fan of "The Kartoon King Show", a kid's show with a goofy guy in a purple robe (complete with ceptor) who looks suspiciously like Otis Campbell. (Lets hope he got sober before they hired him for a kiddie program-but with his nutty lines and goofy laugh it's hard to tell). Anyway, Kartoon King is having a big contest to see which boy or girl can eat the most icecream the fastest. If they win, they'll get all the icecream they can eat for a whole Yuuuuuuuuuuuumy year! plus! a golden scoop trophy. ("What fun! Right kids?!") Bobby's favorite icecream is strawberry, even tho the contest flavor is chocolate-but no matter-it's the trophy he really wants! He is one of the first 6 callers to Kartoon King, number 555-6161 (which was actually the Brady's home fone number in an episode or two)

    The kids in the contest get to eat their icecream on the air (it's a live show apparently) topped off with whipped cream... and no spoons! They eat by diving right in ...with their mouths and carnival music playing in the background. At this point, Bobby (and the at-home audience) is sure he is FINALLY gonna have his day, but he lost to a chubby guy...."again". But what are brothers and sisters for? There's a party waiting for him at home, and his own trophy-for being the brother who tried "harder than anyone we know" (the trophy, whether that was intentional or not, looks like the Grammy award on that Greg had in his bedroom.)

    "Ya really proud of me?" says Bobby, and here's another happy ending.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Bobby's favorite ice-cream flavor is strawberry and he hates chocolate flavor.

    • One of his brothers' trophies that Bobby was observing was Peter's plaque that he received in the episode "The Hero" from the previous season.

    • After Peter jumped Bobby's checkers he said "You can't win now, but that wasn't true. Bobby was the one with the better setup. The red one nearest Bobby could be moved one to the right and block the checker that should have been kinged. The four checkers(2 black and 2 red) in a row near Peter, Bobby could moved the middle one. That would be one away from being kinged. Peter would eventually take one. Bobby could have used the king to get the others kinged and/or jump Peter's checkers.

    • In this episode when Kartoon King tells the kids to call and enter the contest the phone number is 555-6161. In season 5 the episode- Mail Order Hero, Bobby tells Joe Namath to call him at 555-6161. I guess that's their phone number. But wait! In season 2 the episode- The Not So Ugly Duckling, Jan says they are having trouble with their bell and to call their phone. The number was 762-0799.

    • At the ice cream eating contest, Kartoon King takes away every contestants spoon, including Bobby's. In the next shot of Bobby, you can clearly see his spoon has re-appeared next to his bowl. Then in the next shot, it is gone again.

    • The Bradys leave for the TV studio in the blue convertible, and return home (unexplained) in the brown station wagon. The goof is detailed in Barry Williams' book, "Growing Up Brady" thusly: When this show originally aired, a sharp-eyed "viewer" called producer Sherwood Schwartz to point out the error and ask for an explanation. He replied, "We blew it!" A few weeks later, those words are emblazoned in a headline in the National Enquirer. The "viewer," it turned out, was a reporter for the nationally-distributed tabloid.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Carol: Hey, that's strange. Looks like everybody's out of the house.
      Bobby: They didn't wanna stay home to see a loser.
      Mike: Now, that'll do, Bob.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Hal Smith played Otis, the town drunk, on The Andy Griffith Show, as well as the voice of Owl in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.