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The Brady Bunch

ABC (ended 1974)



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  • Season 5 Episode 18: Two Petes in a Pod

  • In "Coming Out Party", Mr. Phillips' first name is Harry.

  • In the beginning shot of the house before Mike tries testing his jokes on Carol, Greg, and Alice for a split second you can see Mike's old blue convertible coming into the house.

  • Starting with this episode, Mike's current boss, Mr. Ed Phillips, is retired. It referenced he is retiring, because Mike is master of ceremonies at a banquet in Mr. Phillips honor.

  • Oliver, Bobby, and Cindy are seen playing checkers. Checkers was probably the most frequently played game played by the Brady kids.

  • Season 5 Episode 17: Welcome Aboard

  • After Carol and Greg said they weren't going, to get Oliver to go to the sudio, just how could Bobby expect to go if the only two people who could drive the car claimed they weren't going.

    Reply: You're forgetting that Marcia got her license 2 episodes ago in "The Driver's Seat".

  • Oliver's parents are named Jack & Pauline. Since Carol mentioned she had a brother and a sister in previous seasons, we can only assume that Jack is her brother, since her brother-in-law(her sisters husband) is named Roger. That would make Oliver's full name Oliver Tyler.

  • Season 5 Episode 16: Out of This World

  • In this episode in the dream sequence there is a tricycle in the yard. None of the kids needed a tricycle in the entire series so it shouldn't have been there ever.

  • Peter and Bobby appear to have switched beds in this episode. In the previous episodes where we see the boys sleeping, Peter sleeps in the bed to the left of the closet, and Bobby sleeps in the one to the left of the bathroom door. But in this episode it's the other way around.

  • When Peter and Bobby first sees the U.F.O., and if it's from Greg's bedroom, the problem is that Greg's window, is on the oppisite side of the house.

  • Season 5 Episode 15: The Driver's Seat

  • Greg got his license during the third season (The Wheeler Dealer). Marcia should've gotten her license the previous season, after they came back from Hawaii.

  • Season 5 Episode 14: Kelly's Kids

  • You might notice a resemblance between Matt and Bobby Brady. That's because they were actually brothers in real life. In the scenes that feature the Brady's and the Kelly's together, you'll also notice how they're always seen together.

  • Season 5 Episode 13: Miss Popularity

  • The first episode that Cindy didn't wear her ponytails was in the episode "Cindy Brady Lady."

  • When Marcia shows Cindy the poster she made and says that she's gonna drive Jan around the neighborhood and pass out the cookies that Alice made, how can she do that when she doesn't get her licence until two episodes after this one in The Driver's Seat.

  • This is the first episode to air that Cindy don't wear her pig tails. The first episode filmed without them was "The Driver's Seat."

  • Season 5 Episode 11: The Cincinnati Kids

  • One of the characters that Greg was asking "Where's Marge?" is Lloyd Schwartz. He is Sherwood Schwartz's son and a director on the show.

  • The Racer, the "big" roller coaster that the Bradys ride at the end of this episode, still stands today, exactly as it did when the park opened 35 years ago. The paint and car colors are even the same (white wooden coaster, with red and blue cars that "race" each other). The only difference is that the cars closest to the concourse race backward--it's not for the weak-stomached. Tame by today's standards, the Racer was once considered a "major" coaster. Being 35 years old, and wooden, the ride is not a very smooth one, either. Much bigger and newer coasters on metal tracks can be found at Kings Island, but the Racer retains its Coney Island-style charm and remains a "fan favorite" at the park.

  • When the family takes one last trip on "The Racer" roller coaster, the footage shown either is from both the left and right tracks, or the footage is flopped for part of the scene.

  • When Mike finally delivers the plans to the park administrators, it is raining. One can see a puddle by Jan's feet, and the raindrops hitting the water. Throughout the episode, the sky is clear and nearly cloudless.

  • In this episode, it is implied that the Board of Directors of the park is based in New York City. In reality, the parent company that operated Kings Island at that time was based in Cincinnati.

  • The route taken during the climactic 'William Tell Baton Relay' makes no sense at all given the layout of the park, unless one assumes that the Bradys got extremely lost and disoriented in the park.
    REPLY: I've been to Kings Island about 50 times; it's VERY hard to find your way around the park if you aren't familiar with its layout.

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