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  • Season 5 Episode 11: The Cincinnati Kids

  • When Mike finally delivers the plans to the park administrators, it is raining. One can see a puddle by Jan's feet, and the raindrops hitting the water. Throughout the episode, the sky is clear and nearly cloudless.

  • In this episode, it is implied that the Board of Directors of the park is based in New York City. In reality, the parent company that operated Kings Island at that time was based in Cincinnati.

  • The route taken during the climactic 'William Tell Baton Relay' makes no sense at all given the layout of the park, unless one assumes that the Bradys got extremely lost and disoriented in the park.
    REPLY: I've been to Kings Island about 50 times; it's VERY hard to find your way around the park if you aren't familiar with its layout.

  • When Jan and Marcia are searching the antique car ride alongside the track. When the ride attendants saw Marcia beside the track, they should have at least asked her to leave the ride area.

  • When Carol and Alice get off the "Wheel of Fortune" ride, they exit the ride through the ride entrance and empty queue line.

  • In the establishing shot of the "Wheel of Fortune" ride, we see an empty queue. Throughout the episode, it is implied that the park is quite busy, leading one to believe that there would be a line for almost all of the rides.

  • When Greg is talking to various costumed animals in a search for Marge, one of the employees takes off the head of his costume. This practice is strictly forbidden by the park, in that it ruins the illusion of the character. It is because it was Sherwood Schwartz son.

  • At the restaurant scene, we do not see Mike removing the sketches from the one tube before inserting Marcia's poster.

  • Throughout the entire restaurant sequence, there are continuity errors in the background, most noticibly with the "Flying Dutchman" swing carousel (for a photograph of an identical ride, click here, and scroll down). Throughout the scene, the ride appears to jump from one point to another in the ride cycle in an incongruous fashion, from just beginning the ride cycle in one shot, to just ending the ride cycle in the next.

  • The first time that the family rides the large wooden roller coaster (known as "The Racer"), one can see the "Flying Carpet" slide to the left of the roller coaster, due to the 'flopping' of the image. In reality, the slide was to the right of the ride. Later in the same sequence, it appears that the camera is now on the opposite track, implying that footage from later in the ride was not flopped.

  • During the establishing shot of the "Monster" ride in operation, the queue is seen empty. All other shots of the park show that the park is quite busy, and the queue lines are quite full.

  • When Mike, Greg, and Peter are finished at the first game booth, Mike tells Greg to pay the attendent. Usually, one pays up front for the games.

  • Season 5 Episode 10: Try, Try Again

  • When Jan tosses the baton, it is clearly not in the direction of the window that ultimately ends up broken as a result.

  • All three girls had been taking ballet lessons mentioned in several episodes and performing in recitals for years since the beginning of the series...why, then is Jan suddenly failing ballet and showing her lack of aptitude only in this episode?

  • Season 5 Episode 9: Quarterback Sneak

  • When the boys are playing football in the back yard, during a play Greg kicks up a crease in the fake lawn.

  • Continuity goofs: This episode and the previous one were reversed. Because, as you can see, the girls room is still pink. They didn't get the yellow wallpaper until the previous episode.

    Note: This episode was filmed two full episodes before this one. It was just shown out of order. The production code numbers in the upper right corners of these guides will show what order the shows were actually done it. The episode number will show you the order on TV.

  • Season 5 Episode 8: My Brother's Keeper

  • Greg saves Bobby's life in the eposide big little man.

  • When Bobby is locked in the closet pounding the door to get out, there's a robe and a shirt hung on the closet wall right behind him. When Peter finally opens the door to let him out, the shirt and robe are nowhere to be seen on that wall.

  • In the scene where the girls are talking with Mike about their selection of the yellow wallpaper, Jan is shown holding the wallpaper against the wall. We're then shown Cindy rolling up the paper while Jan is holding the corner edge. But then we're shown Jan still holding up the paper against the wall (not the edge) even though presumably Cindy would've rolled up the paper by now.

  • In the opening sequence, after the ladder falls, there is a shot of Peter on the grass clear of the ladder. In the next shot, we're shown the ladder on the ground with the pots underneath it with Peter nowhere in sight. And in the next shot, we're shown Peter on the grass with his leg under the ladder, whereas earlier Peter and the ladder were nowhere near each other. Also in the shot of the ladder by itself on the ground, there is no garden hose anywhere near it. Yet after all is said and done, the garden hose is then shown on top of the OTHER leg of the ladder from where it originally started. Finally, as the paint falls on Bobby, there is no trowel on the grass, whereas in an earlier shot, it was right next to his feet where Peter was working.

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