The Brady Bunch

Season 5 Episode 17

Welcome Aboard

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1974 on ABC

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  • Beginning Of The End

    For a while I believed that Cousin Oliver aka Robbie Rist was the blame for killing The Brady Bunch but I was wrong. The Brady Bunch was dying way before this. It was being killed by Sanford And Son which was far funnier than the Brady Bunch which belong in the sixties. The plotline became overly silly and Sherwood Schwartz became out of touch for the changing times. When the fifth season started all the kids especially Barry Williams (Greg) and Maureen McCormick (Marcia) outgrew their roles. So Sherwwod Scwartz thought that the creation of Cousin Oliver would have saved the show but it was too late.
  • The series goes downhill from here.

    Well, a lot of shows do this. They believe that bringing in a new character will do the show some good but it turns out the ratings go down, and down, and down. Not that I felt that this episode was stupid, 'cause I felt Oliver's pain bro', but a lot of shows go downhill from here. Dukes of Hazzard did when they brought Coy and Vance in. Brady Bunch's ratings went down when they put Oliver in. Oliver was funny as some points, but then at other times he was just plain annoying. This episode was average, but just wait, the remaining episodes are going downhill.
  • Last Chance To Save the Series!!!

    With the two youngest kids was in their pre teens to teens,ABC proberly tried to save the almost dead show with a new kid to bring the cutemess back tp the show.
    This epoisode was all about Oliver and everybody else was the backing chareters.
    While it was good, it kinda failed apart at the end with the old time movie they made.