The Brady Bunch

Season 5 Episode 17

Welcome Aboard

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1974 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • After Carol and Greg said they weren't going, to get Oliver to go to the sudio, just how could Bobby expect to go if the only two people who could drive the car claimed they weren't going.

      Reply: You're forgetting that Marcia got her license 2 episodes ago in "The Driver's Seat".

    • Oliver's parents are named Jack & Pauline. Since Carol mentioned she had a brother and a sister in previous seasons, we can only assume that Jack is her brother, since her brother-in-law(her sisters husband) is named Roger. That would make Oliver's full name Oliver Tyler.

  • Quotes

    • Marcia: If I run into Robert Redford I'll pass out.
      Jan: Oh, me too.
      Alice: I'll beat you both to the ground!

  • Notes

    • Oliver (Robby Rist) was also in the Weakest Link with the rest of the Brady Bunch crew.

    • Starting with this episode for the rest of the series Greg is allowed to drive again.

    • This was the first time I noticed the boys had gotten a green shag carpet in their room. They had always had a brown vinyl floor before.

    • The "Oliver" episodes often mark the series' "nail in the coffin," in many Brady fans' eyes. In addition to generally weak scripts, Oliver is often seen as an unnecessary, weak attempt to salvage the series, which by now is being beaten soundly by NBC's Sanford and Son in the Nielsens.

    • Robbie Rist makes the first of six appearances in the recurring role as Oliver.

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