The Brady Bunch

Season 2 Episode 15

Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?

Aired Unknown Jan 15, 1971 on ABC
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Jan is upset when her friend, Lucy Winters, sends a birthday party invitation but accidentally addresses it to Marcia. Tired of being the middle blond girl of the family, Jan tries to alter her appearance by buying a black wig, which she intends to wear to Lucy's upcoming birthday party. Meanwhile, Peter is horrified that Margie will be attending the party, a girl who has a major crush on him.


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  • Dead poster

    Good episode, check out one of the posters on Greg's wall in the den. I think it's the Dead's aoxomaxoa. There 1969 album cover.
  • A classic

    Middle child Jan is having one her famous Marcie, Marcia, Marcia! moments in this classic episode. Jan arrives home on a typical school day,and Alice has baked her favorite cookies (probably cinnamon, because that was mentioned in the \"Not So Ugly Duckling\" Episode). Also waiting for Jan is an invitation to her friend Lucy Winter\'s birthday party. But there\'s been a slight mistake- Lucy put Marcia\'s name on the envelope instead of Jan\'s. Jan, frustrated, can\'t see the forest for the trees-that Lucy meant it as a kind invite, as not as a cut toward Jan\'s middle child status. Carol and Marcia assure her it was just an honest mistake, but Jan says being in the middle is like being \"invisible\". (How quickly she forgets-Jan said in the first season that she would always feel special being in the middle because Alice gave her that locket.) Jan picks up a NOW magazine in the family room, and, after seeing an ad, decides, she too, will stand out in a crowd. Meanwhile, Peter has been invited to the party, too and ask Mike for a small loan to buy a birthday present. He did have his allowance, but loaned it Jan-to buy what-he didn\'t know. The scene changes to a downtown department store, where Jan is browsing, and the sales lady must have decided she liked teaching better (because she is seen as Marcia\'s teacher in the Davy Jones episode next season.-Marcia Wallace also played on Bob Newhart, Taxi, and the nutty neighbor, Mrs, Curruthers, on Full House). Jan is SURE it\'s her blond hair making her look like a faceless clone, so she wants to buy a wig! Jan looks at names like Pompei Pumice, Lunar Dusk, Midnight Temptress-even a fuzzy purse resembling a wig!, but comes home with a frizzy little orphan Annie style-except black. Jan is admiring the new do in the bathroom at home, until Cindy wants in to get her friend Jenni\'s hair ribbons that need returning. After some pounding on the door, Jan finally lets Marcia and Cindy in, and they are appalled. The other girls assure her she will make a fool of herself if she wears it to the party, but Jan isn\'t hearing. Meanwhile, downstairs, Alice and Carol are hemming her party dress, and need her to come down to check the length. Jan appears with her head in a one of the boy\'s towels, and Greg and Bobby tease by saying she looks like a swami. Bobby pulls her \"mystic hat\" off, only to reveal her wig and they burst out into laughter, saying she looks like Davy Crockett and a skunk. The adults see too, and Jan begs them to let her wear it to the party, and they agree.

    From her brother at school, Bobby has heard that Marjie Whipple (wonder if she\'s related to the Charmin man?!:P), a geeky girl who likes to chase Peter, is coming to the party. Peter find out, and feigns illness to get out of going. Mike and Carol catch on, and say he can play baseball on the weekend ONLY if he takes Jan to the party as promised. Jan and Peter go to Lucy\'s front door( how many times has this same door been used for various Brady neighbors?! :o) )

    where she is greeted with laughter because of her new wig. The other kids are sure it has to be one of her famous practical jokes, but Jan runs home crying. Mike and carol comfort her, and Jan learns a lesson about being yourself, and Lucy and Marjie come over to apologize. Back to her hair of gold, Jan and Lucy (actress Pamelyn Ferdin, who was in many shows and talked for Lucy on Peanuts cartoons) head back to the party, along with Marjie and Peter. The episode ends with Alice\'s usual nuttiness, Jan has given the wig to Alice, but realizing the daughter of daddy warbucks look does nothing for her, she says she can always shave it and use it as a shower cap.moreless

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