The Brady Kids - Season 2

ABC (ended 1974)


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Episode Guide

  • Who Believes in Ghosts?
    The home of deceased Colonel Jones is about to be torn down. The Brady kids try to save the old house by raising money to save it using the theme of it being a haunted house for a fund raising party. However, while preparing the house, thieves hiding in the old home fake the home being haunted by ghosts to make the Brady Kids leave. But the real ghost of Colonel Jones has other ideas!moreless
  • Ceiling Zero
    Ceiling Zero
    Episode 4
    Marlon magically brings in famous artist Michael Angelglow from centuries ago to help paint the Brady Kids tree house. Both he tree house walls and the artist himself are stolen by art thieves who sell the walls to various art galleries as newly discovered art. Meanwhile the artist is painting everything in their hideout, even the thieves fridge. The Bradys have to find the artist so Marlon can return him to his own time.moreless
  • Marcia's Lib
    Marcia's Lib
    Episode 3
    The Brady boys and their guy friends form a group to go camping that excludes all the girls. Marsha and her sisters decides to make her own group of female forest friends to camp out near the guys. Their rivalry leads to getting lost and they must work together to find their way back to camp.moreless
  • Teacher's Pet
    Teacher's Pet
    Episode 2
    Marlon changes a statue of a cat into a hippo and accidentally sends it to Africa. Marlon enlists the owner of the cat statue, a magical teacher named Miss Tinkle, to help the gang go to Africa in search of it.
  • Frankincense
    Episode 1
    The Kids take refuge at the castle of Dr. Frankincense and his attempt to create... robots. Their magical bird Marlon makes the failed robot become a dozen little robots which need jewels to run, so they run off to find them. Meanwhile two jewel thieves find the robots and use them in their latest robbery. The Brady kids try to return the robots and foil the thieves.moreless