The Bradys

Season 1 Episode 5

Bottom's Up

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 1990 on CBS

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  • Marcia becoming an alcoholic is definately a tearjerker.

    Marcia feeling unwanted by her family members is a first, since Jan felt that way in the past. She is trying to teach her children responsibility, while Carol is just being nice to Jessie and Mickey. Jan has to do business before lunch, Phillip chooses to take care of Patty on his own, Wally is working overtime with Mike, Cindy mainly talked about her boss and didn't ask her how she was, and Greg, Nora, Peter, Bobby, and Tracy just haven't talked to her in a while. Alice & (off-screen)Sam talked to her a little, but that didn't help her much. So, as a result, she tries alcohol. And after finding out it doesn't work, she talks to listeners on Cindy's radio station and warns others not to try it. In the end, things have gotten better for the most part. But, Marcia still needs the occasional help, because she still has a problem. But, we all know she'll be alright.