The Bradys

CBS (ended 1990)


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  • Brady's and extended Brady's rock.

    The Brady's was a fairly decent show. It took away the comedy and put in drama. It's hard to believe Bobby went from safety moniter to being paraplegic. Mike & Carol still live at 4222 Clinton Way for the pilot and move the house during the second episode, because it was going to be torn down with a freeway in its place. Now Mike & Carol still live in the same house, but have a different address. Peter broke up with Valerie, his fiancee from "A Very Brady Christmas". Wally & Marcia move in with Mike & Carol as a result of Wally losing another job. Everyone else is okay; Jan & Philip are happily married with their daughter Patty, Greg and Nora also happily married and have a son, Kevin, and Cindy is a disc jockey and dating her boss. Great show. Alice is still married to Sam, who is never seen.
  • Bring Back the Old Bradys!

    I completely agree with the above review. This is NOT the Bradys anybody wanted to see. I remember seeing this is its first run in the 90's. When we first saw it, i thought maybe it was some original Brady episodes i had never seen before. But i had never seen anything liek this! Marcia an alcohoilc? Hardely. Bobby paralized? C'mon. it was supposedly "realistic", but more like over-the top-ultramodern. To whoever made this sad revival, think of it this way:the ones who played the Bradys kids didn't even turn out this bad in real life.
  • The dysfunctional Bradys

    So, every few years a new Brady incarnation was created, which was great. But this one really took the cake. People always thought the Brady family was too good to be true. Well, they weren't anymore! Marcia was an alcoholic, Bobby was paralyzed, Peter was a playboy, Marcia and Wally had to move in with the folks, ect. This definately was not the Brady Bunch we grew up on. I guess it was supposed to be more realistic, but an escape from reality is what made the Brady Bunch so appealing in the first place. This was just sad.