The Brak Show

Season 2 Episode 5

Brakstreet: Men in the Band

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Brakstreet: Men in the Band
With high hopes of winning a fabulous spa resort vacation, Brak enters a rap contest. Rapper Cee-lo guest stars.

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    Chris Ward

    Chris Ward

    Store Clerk

    Guest Star

    Cee Lo Green

    Cee Lo Green

    Prime Cut/Prime Cut Miggity Mo Mack Daddy Jizzabang Doggy Dogg Dogg

    Guest Star

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      • (Brak raps while walking down the street)
        Well here I am walkin' down the street
        Hey look down there I can see my feet
        I gave 'em both names One's Tony One's Lou
        Lou's steppin' on Tony He's steppin' on Lou
        So I'm walking down the street, or should I say
        On the sidewalk The streets are not safe
        There's cars and buses and tricked out scooters
        And they all kinda look like tricked out scooters
        (Meatwad rides by on a motor scooter)

      • Brak: I'll have you know "losing" is not in my vocabulary... then again, neither is "flaucipaucinihilpilification".

      • Brak: It's like I say, when life gives you lemons... blow those lemons to bits with your laser cannons!

      • (while Brak's Dad is mumbling in hot tub water)
        Brak: I hope those are talking bubbles, buddy.

      • (Brak's rap)

        Well it's Brak ya'll
        Get up ya'll
        From the front row
        To the back wall
        Get on the floor and shake that rump
        Shake that butt
        Shake that butt
        Shake that heinie heinie

      • (Zorak has teleported out of the scene)
        Brak: I didn't know Zorak could teleport!
        Zorak: (Ominiscent voice) There are many things you don't know about me!
        Brak: Oh yeah, like what? (Zorak teleports back in)
        Zorak: I'm forty! (Laughs evilly and teleports back out)
        Brak: Well that certainly came out of left field.

      • [Braks Rap]

        Greetings all you beautiful people
        my name is Brak as you'll soon discover...
        Well it's Brak y'all, get up y'all from the front row to the back wall
        I get all the peoples toes a tappin'
        thanks to my rappin' it's not happen
        Just dance, just jump, get on the floor and shake that big ole' rump
        Just dance, just jump, get on the floor and shake that big ole' rump
        Shake that butt, shake that bottom, shake that heiny heiny
        and all that stuff that you shake behind ya
        do the shake in the butt
        whats up, whats up, whats up

      • [Clarence's Rap]

        My name is Clarance
        and that's no lie
        if you don't believe me ask my mom
        she's over there with that man she makes me call dad but thats not my dad that's Gary
        my real dad ran away
        Oh daddy what did I do to make you not love me
        is it my obecity, is it because I love the theatre
        Why why did you leave me with Gary
        *Falls down a pit*

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      • Thundercleese: ...and hear the lamentations of my enemies' women!

        A reference to Conan the Barbarian, where Arnold Schwartzenegger's title character has been quoted as saying the best things in life are "to crush your enemies, drive them before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!" (Supposedly paraphrased from Genghis Khan)

      • In the background when Brak finishes his rap while walking over to Zorak, you can clearly see Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force ride by on a tricked out scooter.