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  • Love it.

    Brilliant show.
  • good series

    some best of adult swin
  • A pretty funny show.

    This show features Brak and Zorak, two characters who had previously appeared in Cartoon Planet as Space Ghost's assistants in Cartoon Planet, technically making it another Space Ghost: Coast to Coast spin off. Whilst by now you would think the comedy is getting old, and perhaps it is, the show is still often very funny. In it Brak lives in a surburban area with his strangely small human dad, who is voiced by Space Ghost's voice actor George Lowe. He also lives with his mum, who like him is some sort of alien life form. There are other recurring characters but I don't feel the need to talk about them. To conclude if you enjoy other shows by Williams Street then you will quite likely find something to enjoy about this one.
  • Years before they became deadly foes of the great Space Ghost, the quasi-cat creature, Brak, and his best mantis buddy, Zorak, were just normal kids like you and me…except for all the explosions, intergalactic visitors, and foiled follies over the existence of all mankind. They made lots of rude bodily noises, though, and that's kind of normal…kind of…except maybe that oozing mantis funk, but why quibble? Hey, it's The Brak Show


    No denying it—this one stays with you like dog doo on your shoe. The Brak Show goes beyond Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and the much-improved Cartoon Planet in that, with Brak, we get new animations of Brak, Zorak, and all the rest instead of that tiresome lot of pilfered samplings of animated SG elements from the halcyon days of the original Space Ghost and Dino Boy adventure series of the 1960s.

    No sir, this time we have new renderings, new characters, and plenty of new songs to boot! That's right—ol' Brak can't help but spontaneously break into a heartwarming verse that adds depth, meaning, and lasting impressions of the life lessons he encounters. For example, on caring for Thundercleese's pet goldfish, Mr. Tickles, Brak intones, "Three hams will kill him / Three hams will kill him / I shouldn't feed him / THREE HAMS!" You get the idea.

    OK, is it stupid? Of course it is! It's all stupid, all the time. In fact, it's sooooo stupid, it's funny! It's funnily stupid and stupidly funny.

  • My Favorite Show On Adult "Brak Is Back! Check It Jack!"

    As Brak Said "Brak As Brak Said "Brak Is Back! Check It Jack!" Well, It's True! New Webisodes Of "The Brak Show" Are On Adult Here's The Link For The First Webisode!

    The Only Thing I Don't Understand Is Adult Swim (TV) Still Says That Brak Is Dead! Expected In 2008 The Brak Show: The Complete Series DVD! With Webisodes An Interview With The Creators, The Voices, The Directors, & More! Plus Cartoon Planet Episodes! It Will Probably Be Realese In August, Meanwhile Evreyone Can Go To Adult & Go To Videos Something Will Say "Webisodes" Still I'm Glad "Brak Is Back!"
  • More Williams Street junk.

    Another off the wall comedy from the scatter brained weirdos working for Willams Street. What you get is recycled scenes, recycled characters,recycled sound effects, and recycled humor to the point of nausea. If variety is what your looking for, the random acts of main character Brak and freinds, may be enough to amuse you for almost 3 mins.That is if you have a strong attention span and a high tolerance for absurdity.Supposedly an adult cartoon, but you have to ask yourself why would anyone choose to watch this to occupy their time? Childrens cartoons have more flavor and ambition than what we see here.Much like its predecessor Space Ghost this shows appears to be nothing more than a pointless time waster.
  • How come Zorak never got his own show? He was 10 times cooler.

    In fact, if it werent for ZORAK this show would have sucked like a $10 Crack Ho.

    The ever malevolent Zorak is what gave this show enough gas to limp along for 3 years. It was a nice transition out of the superior Space Ghost Coast to Coast. It was sort of a SGC2C sequel. Ghost even made an occasional appearance. Its not that Brak was horrible, its just without Zorak he was pretty dull. His MOM and Dad were, well, "adequate" but nothing special.

    Did I mention how cool Zorak was? Too bad BOSTON didnt show up in their "city on a flying UFO guitar". That would have been truly spectular. ZORAK RULES !!!
  • Awesomely funny show with lots of laughs and randomness.

    The characters from the original Space Ghost series, Brak and Zorak, updated and with a few personality changes. Well, Brak has. No longer is he a space pirate but a kid at school and not so smart either! Zorak is still as evil as ever and gets Brak into trouble a bit.
    Brak lives with his mum and dad. His dad is a short man with an accent and can often be found reading the newspaper in the kitchen. His mum looks similar to Brak and is always there to offer him advice.
    The animation in the series is 2D on photo backgrounds. Brak's house in the series was actually Clay Croker's (voice of Zorak) house in real life! Interior shots in Brak's house they actually used doll house furniture. For me, the animation was one of the most interesting parts of the show.
    The first series is definately the funniest. If you want a good laugh I suggest you buy volume 1 of the Brak Show. As the series progressed the storylines and the humour in the episodes lessened slightly because the animators started to run out of ideas and so cancelled it. Its sad it was cancelled, it was a great show and has quite a fanbase. Another great show that sadly, had a fairly short life.
  • The Brak Show, Aqua Teen Hunger force, sealab 2021, harvey birdman, attorney at law and space ghost coast to coast

    i think The Brak Show, Aqua Teen Hunger force,
    sealab 2021, harvey birdman, attorney at law,
    and space ghost coast to coast are the best shows on adult swim. who think so? my name is deric plz reply

    who likes The Brak Show, Aqua Teen Hunger force, sealab 2021, harvey birdman, attorney at law and space ghost coast to coast
  • Gone to soon

    This was a funny show that didn't get the attation it should have gotten.

    It was sadly over shadowed by the more popular Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab 2021.

    This show had alot of potenchal and I have to admit that Zorak was damn funny.

    Its a real lose to see this show die out so early.
  • alright

    The Brak Show is about the daily adventures of Brak and his best buddy Zorak, prior to meeting Space Ghost. Brak lives with his family in a lovely suburb somewhere in space.
    Brak gets advice from Mom (a nice lady who keeps a clean house) & Dad (a human with a Latin accent that is rather short due to a shrink-ray accident), and gets corrupted by Zorak.
    Brak is an honest and somewhat dumb kid and Zorak is a foul-mouthed, destruction-loving mantis. Brak's brother Sisto is also around from time to time. Their neighbor is Thundercleese, a giant robot with massive armaments, who likes maintaining his lawn.

    The Brak Show is a spin-off of Cartoon Planet, which was a spin-off of Space Ghost: Coast To Coast. Confused yet?
    It is an original series for Cartoon Network's programming block Adult Swim.

    The Brak show is written and produced by Jim Fortier and Pete Smith and is produced in Cartoon Network Studios. Both Fortier and Smith were
    writer/producers on Cartoon Network's hit, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and later worked on the short-lived variety show, Brak Presents the Brak Show Starring Brak.

    Production: Williams Street
    Animation: Wild Hare Studios

  • The Brak Show my most favorite show ever.

    Brak is a space pirate, and what is a space pirate well that's what Brak is, if you unstand that then this show is for you. The Brak Show is about this young boy named Brak (Main Character, gee I hope that's not a shock to anyone), Brak lives with his Mom, Dad, (Which that what there called too) and Sisto (His younger brother who never talks just farts).

    And that's just in Brak's House, Brak has friends Zorak, (Brak's Best Friend), and Clarence,(Brak just hangs out with him when Brak needs to feel like the leader).

    There's also Mr.Thundercleese,(Brak's Neighbor that live in a fortress that's a robot).

    Other than that Brak goes on these adventure, and just want to get home and make paper mache gorrillas.
  • Funny Show!

    The Brack Show portrayed a different kind of humor. It wasn't like halarious, its just that some of the jokes made you think. I liked the character interactions from Space Ghost, which is another good show. Zorak was probably my favorite character, a sneaky character at that. I own the first volume on DVD and loved every minute of it. I can't wait for the next volume to come out which should be later this year. This is one of my favorite comedy cartoon shows next to South Park. None the less, The Brak Shows should be one of those must see shows.
  • Leave your thinking cap at home.

    BEWARE: This show is addicting! The Brak show can be best described as an intelligent use of ingenious characters. Zorak, the evil Mantis and best friend. Thunderclease, built for War and still the kindhearted neighbor. And Brak as the absurd entertainer of the show with his idiotic day-to-day adventures and often outbursts of song and insanity. What makes this show what it is the dialogue exchanged. Mostly one-liners, the writers keep you entertained way past the simple format of the show. The absence of clear thought... what a good idea for a series. The lack of the plot just means you don't have to think that much. Of course, this show is incredibly demented and insane but that is why it was such a good show.
  • So-so farce with everyone's favorite singing spacecat.

    After enjoying Space Ghost Coast To Coast and Cartoon Planet [even more], I had high expectations for this show. Unfortunately, it's spordaically funny, only having some episodes [Time Machine, Hippo, War Next Door, Mobab, and The Eye] that were as hysterical as the former two. Still, it's a fun show to watch when nothing else is on and I picked up the DVD for those 5 classics and the extras with Cartoon Planet. What really made those 5 classics was Brak's father and Zorak rather than ol' Brak himself. Oh well...
  • Its a great show, and its funny! They need to bring it back! they do show it every once in a while, at like wee hours in the morning, they need to bring it back so people can actually watch it! Its an awesome show!

    Its an awesome show, and its funny! They need to bring it back! They do show it every once in a while, at like wee hours in the morning, they need to bring it back so people can actually watch it! It gives you tons of laughs! Its a great show!
  • About teenager named Brak and his space pirate mom, his Latino dad, his profanity-using friend, Zorak, and his robot neighbor, Thundercleese.

    This show was gone way to soon. It is the funniest show on Adult Swim. With it's random comedy and over-the-head plots, it is so dang hilarious. The best episode is Time Machine. The best line on it was:
    Brak: I have a question. Where are we going to get enough squirrels to make a kite?
    Zorak: Are you really that stupid?
    Brak: Ooh, I dare you to say that again, only you say "Brak, I love you"
    Absolutely hilarious stuff. I absolutely love this show. My favorite guy is the Latino dad. I would reccomend this show to anyone who liked Napoleon Dynamite.
  • I didn't get to see much of this show when it was first running, but what I did see was hilarious!

    Haha, when I think of The Brak Show, I have to laugh. Two of my best friends introduced me to it a few years ago and I recall watching an episode at one of their houses. It was the funniest thing and I wondered then why it wasn't more popular...and it's sad now that it's no longer running. =[