The Brak Show

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Nov 17, 2002 on Adult Swim

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  • "Do you understand the words I have said to you, so far?"

    This show gets better almost every episode, I think. And it really didn't need to be canceled. And this episode shows exactly why it didn't need to be canceled. Brak runs away after making fun of Dad's hairy knee. And Zorak hops on with him, and they meet someone named Moltar whom they meet later in life.

    Meanwhile, Space Ghost has come from the future to arrest Brak for crimes he has commited in the future (on a television program) which was made in the 1960s and colds have been eliminated. Dad takes an immediate liking to SG, wanting to go fishing with him and laughing at all his jokes. After this, Brak gets back home, saying that they (Zorak, him, and Moltar) tipped over statues and got yelled at, Brak says it was fun, and Dad makes Brak go to his room (again).

    A solid effort!