The Brendan Leonard Show

ABC Family (ended 2003)


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  • A show about a guy, his friends, family and what they do everyday!

    Brendan Leonard and his friends had their own cable access show in Chicago, Illinois. A representive from Disney got a tape and on May 26, 2003 Brendan and his friends, Kevin, Ryan, Michael, Patrick, Paul, Kevin Sheenan and Robbie, made there debut. Doing carzy pranks, stupid ridiculous ideas(ie Pat and Brendan walking in high heels), and skits(ie Guys wearing make-up, Camp Jinx, and several more). My Top 10 funniest skits in the show in no preticular order:
    One-Take skits, Silver Spatula Awards, Camp Jinx, Cell Phone Ringtones, Survival Tips, Kevin Carlson's Timmy the Tick Bedtime Story, BOYling Point, Team Fresh, What if we danced all the time? and "Corpaerate Pressure"

    The cast had ther own personalities it's just sad I was only one season. They all went off to college, I haven't heard anything about them. I don't know if there doing anything. It's been 2 years, but I would like to thank Brendan Leonard and the whole cast for doing an original show that could never been copied!