The Brian Benben Show

CBS (ended 1998)


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  • The Me and the Chimp of the 90's

    It's 1998 and you're Brian Benben. You're sitting on top of the world. You just finished a six year run on the acclaimed HBO series, Dream On. You just signed a deal with CBS to star in and produce your own sitcom and they give you the prize timeslot behind Everybody Loves Raymond to boot. Life is good.

    Then your show premieres. It's not only bad it's hydrogen bomb bad. Nine episodes are filmed but only four air. That might be the only time that's ever happened in the history of television. Even a cushy timeslot can't stop the show from crashing in the ratings and being panned by every critic with at least a double digit I.Q. Not only is your show over so is your career for all intents and purposes. You are exposed for the no talent hack that you are and probably got a few CBS programming executives fired in the process. Since your show went off the air you've appeared in two movies for the Hallmark Channel and----well, nothing.

    The Brian Benben Show was the moment of truth for its star and he failed miserably. Just like Ted Bessell, a promising TV actor of the late 60's and early 70's, who did the same in the awful and forgettable 1973 sitcom, Me and the Chimp. Bessell's acting career was effectively over after that fiasco of a series. Too bad because Bessell had some talent whereas Brian Benben has none. Sometimes you beat the devil and sometimes he beats you.