The Bridge

Season 1 Episode 8

Brown Sugar

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2010 on CTV
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Episode Summary

Frank tries to solve the murder of an undercover cop whose cover must remain intact, even after her death.

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      • Frank: You know, you're a hell of a good cop.
        Mani: So are you.

      • Frank: May your bar always be too small to hold all your friends.

      • Jill: Just can't stay on your side of the tracks, huh? You gotta tomcat around with the idle rich? You know it still doesn't make you one of them, right?
        Frank: Yeah, but the liquor's better.

      • Furillo: Why do you have to be such a hard case?
        Billy: It's just you Furillo. You bring out the best in me.

      • Furillo: You're supposed to be watching a jewelery store, not hobnobbing with the local hookers.
        Billy: This might be your only case, Furillo, but it's not mine.
        Furillo: Is this about that crackhead hooker that's been robbing the tricks?
        Billy: How do you know about that?
        Furillo: We know your bra size, Billy.

      • Tommy: You know, Frank, these guys got a point. The department's got more leaks than a swollen prostate.

      • Furillo: You just don't get it, do you? We've learned the hard way that you do not trust anybody at the department. Do you know what I mean by "hard way?" Dead agents. And we're not gonna let that happen again.

      • Frank: So why'd you lie?
        Furillo: We still have a guy undercover, and he's the one who brought Suki in.
        Silva: If it comes out that Suki was a cop...
        Frank: ...your guy's as good as dead.
        Furillo: Not "as good as". He IS dead.

      • Tommy: You're dad said he took money. He didn't say he stole it.
        Frank: Well, I'll never know now. He died that night.

      • Tommy: You grew up in this house. You're not gonna miss it?
        Frank: Are you kidding? IA bugged it to get dirt on me and my dad. I just want to burn it to the ground.

      • Frank: Tell me Mani, who's got the biggest gang in the city?
        Mani: I don't know Frank, you tell me.
        Frank: I do. Eight thousand guys. Eight thousand, Mani. And I'm gonna turn every single damned one of them loose on every single damned one of you. I'm not talkin' about a crackdown. I'm not talkin' about bringin' you in overnight. I am talking about orders to shoot to kill.
        Mani: Yeah, well there's a price to pay for that, Frank. I mean dead cops. You really want that?
        Frank: You really want to test me?

    • NOTES (1)

      • While Stuart Margolin, Adrienne Wilson, Zachary Young and Scott Yamamura were credited for their roles of Vic Leo, Charlotte Leo, 9 year-old Frank Leo and "Young Cop" respectively (presumably for a flashback scene when Frank was a child), their scenes did not appear in this episode at all.

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