The Bridge

Season 1 Episode 13

Chain of Fools

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 21, 2010 on CTV

Episode Recap

After the attack on Billy, Frank is hit close to home again when Iris is assaulted in the union office and injected with heroin after she had been clean for six months. Once Iris had been left to make it seem that she was getting high again, her attackers left several electronic listening devices in Frank's office for the purpose of gathering intelligence on his actions.

When Tommy and his girlfriend returned to the office briefly to collect some paperwork, Iris was discovered unconscious with a hypodermic needle still in her arm. While paramedics were able to resuscitate her, Frank initially refused to believe her story of "mystery attackers" who rendered her unconscious and injected her themselves. However, after Tommy checked the security camera recording, he found that a two hour block of time was corrupted on the hard drives. Wanting to believe that Iris could be telling the truth, Frank gives her the benefit of the doubt and begins checking into her story.

Meanwhile, former police officer Mike Bodanski has managed to earn a parole hearing for himself, despite having been convicted not only of drug trafficking, but of planning to murder two police officers that had gotten too close to his criminal activities. With even the possibility of Bodanski getting out early, Frank arranges to fill the parole hearing with cops to make the parole board understand clearly that a cop who planned to kill other cops would not be tolerated on the streets. Prior to the official board meeting, the parole board chairman met privately with Frank and Bodanski to determine if Bodanski was truly repentant and just how determined Frank was to keep him locked up.

Back at Rabbi's Bar, Frank and Tommy were stunned to find out that Billy's tox-screen showed that she had been abusing oxy for what had to be months. In addition, an improvised pipe and an expired bottle of oxy was found on her after her attack, but it still had some pills in it. That indicated that she was buying them on the streets. After Billy had been shot, Frank was already second-guessing his judgement when he put her back on the streets instead of behind a desk as would be normal for an officer involved in as many shootings as Billy had been in. To then find out that she was a full-on junkie on top it all and that he had no clue throws Frank into a whirlwind of regret.

With Frank dealing with the Bodanski hearing and Tommy looking into the attack on Iris, Abby is left to dig into Billy's past and to discover whether or not her shooting was linked to her drug use. In order to make some headway, Abby recruits Jill and asks her to find out from the boys in narcotics who is selling oxy on the streets. During their conversation, Abby confronted Jill about how she had been sleeping with Frank as well. During the surprisingly amicable exchange, Abby revealed to Jill that she likes Frank, but has no long-term plans. While this was going on, Tommy attempted to track down Finn, a junkie that Iris used to associate with, to try and determine if Iris was really using again. As soon as Tommy arrived at Finn's old haunt, Finn began shooting at Tommy. After a brief chase, someone else in a silver muscle car nearly ran Tommy down. Tommy escaped unharmed, but found himself with more questions than he came with.

Upon hearing of Tommy's close escape, Frank and Jill became convinced that Tommy had been set up and was targeted for a hit. After returning to the office, Abby showed Frank and Tommy the bugs that had been planted in all of their offices and informed them that their computers had been compromised as well. There was no doubt anymore that someone was keeping a very close eye on Frank and his associates and that they meant him no good.

Shortly afterwards, Alex tracked down Ray, the dealer who had sold the oxy to Billy, so Frank and Jill went down to "interrogate" him. After Frank threatened to plant a gun used in a homicide him, Ray revealed that a guy in a silver muscle car told him to make sure that Billy got all the oxy she wanted and supplied him with the product to sell to her. Since Ray had no idea Billy was a cop, Frank was becoming convinced that someone was targeting all of the people closest to him. When word came from the hospital that Billy was awake and that she was able to identify the car that her attackers drove as a silver muscle car as well, all doubt in Frank's mind was erased -- someone was out to get him and his friends.
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