The Bridge

Season 1 Episode 13

Chain of Fools

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 21, 2010 on CTV



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    • Frank: Alright. Well, these guys have been one step ahead of us this entire time. That!

    • Frank: Right now, there's a couple of IA guys splattered all over the road. That's my message: You come after me; you come after the people I love; you're dead.

    • Abby: You know, I had 'em, Frank. I just forgot everything I knew about shooting.
      Frank: Shooting a target's one thing; a man is something else.
      Tommy: Even cops miss all the time, Abby.

    • Wycoff: Frank, you and I both know that you can create a conspiracy out of anything.
      Frank: So, what...your office being bugged...that's just coincidence?
      Wycoff: All right. Assuming you're right, who do you think is coming after you?
      Frank: Open a phone book. Stab your finger on a page.

    • Tommy: So this guy, Finn, opens up on me; hits me right in the artificial leg - I didn't even know it.
      Frank: So from now on, that's your lucky leg.

    • Tommy: This is her bottle of Oxy. The prescription ran out on it two months ago, but there're still some pills in there, which means she's probably scoring them from off the street. They also found this.
      (Tommy hands Frank Billy's paraphenalia)
      Frank: She's smoking it?!
      Tommy: Billy's a full-on junkie.
      Frank: She's high and I'm putting her back on the street? How the hell didn't I see that?
      Rabbi: Not just you, Frank. None of us did.

    • Iris: (after being found in Frank's office unconscious with a needle dangling from her arm) Look, I get why you don't believe me. I've been lying my whole life and I'm damned good at it. I'm damned good at hiding it. I hid it from everybody, so if wanted to get high, I sure as hell wouldn't do it here where you could catch me at it.

    • Frank: You kill a guy, it affects you. She's killed three in a year. Instead of getting stapled to a desk, I make it so she's back in uniform. What the hell am I thinkin'?

    • Frank: First Billy, then Iris, then Tommy. Somebody's comin' after me by comin' after people close to me. The question is: who?
      Abby: Well, you have no shortage of enemies since you took over the union, Frank.
      Frank: Yeah, so who can I trust?

    • Billy: I'm alive, aren't I?
      Frank: Yeah, Billy. You're alive.

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