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Submission guidelines for "The Bridge"

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    Hello everyone. Welcome to the guide for The Bridge. I welcome any and all contributions to this guide, but I will ask that you respect a few basic guidelines (in addition to those delineated by order tomake everything flow more smoothly for everyone.

    First - For submissions that focus on elements that happen outside of the aired broadcast, please provide a URL to corroborate your claim in the comments section of the submission page. I must have proof that the information in the submission is accurate and not just assumptions or rumours. If youfail toprovide a source, I will send you a PM asking you to clarify your source if the submission is interesting. Otherwise, I may rejectit outright.

    Second -When submitting quotes, I will ask you to provide some manner of time reference for it. Ideally, providing the minutes and seconds of the dialog in question would be best (i.e.Frank said that to Jill at15 minutes and 32 seconds from the start of the episode.) It would also help if you could mention if the version you were watching still has all of its commercials or not since that will affect the time reference. If you do not know the exact time, then a frame of reference will do (e.g. right after the guy gets thrown off the rooftop and lands in the dumpster.)Please do notmake me chase through the entire episode looking for the quote since I will have to verify if the wording is precise.

    Third - Make absolutely certain that your spelling, grammar and syntax are correct. There are plenty of spell-check programs out there and I`m certain you all have access to at least one of them. Heaven knows that anyone can make a mistake while typing, but I can`t start proofreading everything for you. It may seem harsh, but I`d like to hang onto whatever little hair I have left on my head.

    Fourth - Please hold off on making any submissions regarding the details of the episode (i.e. cast, crew, quotes or recaps) until it has had a chance to air on the west coast (Pacific Time) and I have had the opportunity to see it for myself. I obviously cannot give a submission thumbs up or thumbs down prior to having seen the episode in question. Once it airs, I will be prepared to review whatever has been submitted.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for your help!

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