The Bridge

Season 1 Episode 10

Never Let Me Down Again

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 2010 on CTV

Episode Recap

A pair of uniformed officers, Partak and Hedford, were pursuing a known heroin fiend named Roach down an alley when the junkie begins shooting at the officers. Hedford returns fire, but Partak's gun jammed. Fortunately, Roach surrendered after taking a hit to his leg and cried out for help.

Frank arrived on the scene with the ambulance and the detectives to make sure that the officers are represented by council when Internal Affairs makes their inquiry into the shooting. It turned out that one of the officers, Dale Partak, was the very first partner Frank ever had when he joined the force. Partak had even saved Frank's life on his first day on patrol when a suspect had gotten behind Frank with a knife and was about to stab him.

Partak and Hedford returned to their patrol the following day only to see Roach out on the street again (albeit on a crutch) not 24 hours after trying to kill two police officers. Seeing him heading for an abandoned school which had become a known shooting gallery, they decided to stop him again. Upon seeing the two cops, Roach tried to run, but in doing so, he dropped the gun he was trying to conceal. Partak and Hedford now chased him more aggressively, but he managed to make it inside the school. Hedford was eager to pursue him inside, but Partak urged caution and advised that they call for backup. Hedford thought he was being too cautious, but Partak was adamant, especially since IA was still investigating the shooting from the day before. As Partak called for backup, Hedford went in alone. Shortly afterwards, he was swarmed by nearly a dozen junkies and beaten severely. During the attack, his gun was taken by Vera, a paranoid schizophrenic who crashes at the school.

While Hedford survived the attack with only superficial injuries, the arguing and recriminations between Partak and Hedford were just beginning. Frank can understand how both officers had valid positions on what they should have done given their circumstances, but ultimately, Partak allowed his partner to enter a dangerous situation alone and that was considered to be unacceptable by any cop. As a result, Hedford refused to partner with Partak again and Frank found himself trying to salvage the reputation of the man who had saved his life all those years ago, as well as recover the stolen gun before it is used to injure or kill someone.