The Bridge

Season 1 Episode 10

Never Let Me Down Again

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 2010 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • This episode marks the first time Tommy asked to have a covert meeting with Chief Wycoff to barter for a favor rather than Frank.

  • Quotes

    • Hedford: That reminds me...what did they say about your gun?
      Partak: The firing pin was screwed up.
      Hedford: Mercury must be in retrograde.
      Partak: What the hell does that mean?
      Hedford: Aaaah, anything mechanical breaks down, my wife says "Mercury is in retrograde."
      Partak: All these years we've been riding together and I just find out you're a flake.

    • Rytell: Ruis just transferred in. He thinks he's got to show attitude.
      Frank: You know what? You guys keep ignoring the "twenty four hour rule," I'm gonna promote all IA detectives out of rank and file. You guys'll be brass. No more union health care; no more union pension fund. And don't think the brass is going to give you guys a raise just because you joined their little club. They're not going to give up their vacations in the Bahamas for you guys.

    • Partak: Stay right there, Roach! Don't you move!
      Roach: I can't move, man! She shot my other leg!

    • Frank: You know the great thing about not being a cop anymore? (Frank grabs Jiles by the collar and manhandles him) I don't have to play by the rules.

    • (talking about Partak)
      Frank: He saved my life.
      Jill: So what? That's part of the job! That's not something that you owe anybody or something he can barter with you about. You're not thinkin' straight. This is about getting a cop's gun back. To hell with this guy. You know, he made his bed. You don't have sleep in it with him.

    • Frank: You trust me?
      Partak: Why should I?
      Frank: Because that's what guys do when they ride together. Blind trust.

    • Partak: Tell me - what can I do?
      Frank: Get out there and help find your partner's gun! Make people think that you care about what happened! Okay?! I mean, you DO care what happened, don't you - what happened to your partner?! Imagine how HE feels knowing his gun is in the hands of a bad guy! You GET THAT don't you?!

    • (after seeing the suspect who had shot at them the night before)
      Hedford: Hey, you seein' this? That's not who I think it is, is it?
      Partak: Yeah. That's Roach. Unbelievable.
      Hedford: What the hell is Roach doin' out?
      Partak: Didn't we arrest him last night? Tell me I wasn't dreaming that.

    • Frank: Rytell. What the hell? You know cops have twenty four hours before they have to talk to you guys. Why you pushin' this?
      Ruis: You push us; we push back.
      Frank: I'm talkin' to Rytell. Who the hell are you?
      Ruis: (steps forward towards Frank) Ruis. Who the hell are you?
      Frank: Frank Leo. Get out of my face or get hurt.

    • Hedford: (after shooting Roach in the leg) You wouldn't listen, huh? Now look at you. Look what you made me do to you!

  • Notes

    • Although the city in which the show is set is still unrevealed as of this episode, the skyline shown near to the end of the episode is that of Toronto's Bay Street financial area and includes the Scotiabank and Bank of Montreal buildings.

    • While Frank Cassini appears on screen and is credited for this episode, he had no lines of dialogue.

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