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  • An edgy and powerful drama.

    This show is so well done it keeps me on the edge of my seat when I'm watching it. One of the best since "24". The scenes of El Paso and Juarez depict a brown landscape which adds to the somber tales of the characters.
  • Spanish or English?

    I like the show but the Spanish subtitles I don't like, I look away I don't know what was said why can't you just do the whole thing in English
  • I've always been a big fan of Diane K

    But now that she has a role that makes her wear clothes and talk a lot, I realize she is not a very good actress.
  • This show is the greatest new show that has been on in a while it has substance it keeps your attention. CBS should keep this show on. We all need to send CBS e-mails to keep it on Etta Moore

    The Bridge is the greatest new cop show in a long time it has action and substance like real life. I love this show the talent is great they seem so real.
    I could not wait until the next episode, but then it was canceled whic makes no sense. What CBS should cancel is big brother. The story line is real to life We need to e-mail CBS to tell them to put The Bridge back on. The Bridge shows what happens in a cops life and with corruption at the top and what they do to cops that what to do what is right and best for the peopleshow
  • I hope the show stays true to it's format. It is thee best show thats been on in a long time, maybe since 24!

    I absolutely LOVE love love this show! It is soo amazingly different. I'm sick of comedys, and half serious shows. This is true drama, unpredictable and keeps you guessing. It is the 1 show that I can't wait til its on again-and I have it programed on my DVR so I will NOT miss it! Great!!!
    I hope the show stays true to it's format. It is thee best show thats been on in a long time, maybe since 24! There is a wide range of ages in the characters and this makes the show likable to all ages. I am in my mid 40's and I'm tired of shows like the Rookie, young people. Well, the world is NOT made up of just young adults. The Bridge has a great range of personalitys and ages to make it effective, brass enough to be right on the edge. Keep it up CBS, you got a real winner here!
  • Please don't cancel "The Bridge" !!!!

    This is is the best show on the summer line-up...Far better than the ridiculous "Rookie Blue" or "Covert Affairs".Now I hear that the show is being cancelled.Why not move it's time slot..Saturday night is not for watching TV so there is not much of an audience out there.. This show is so good that I even got my wife interested in it.She said she was so happy that there is finally something worthwhile on Saturday night to watch..This from a woman who only watches reality shows and "The Closer".. The characters are all important in this series,no stupid pet tricks or judges who can't make up their mind because the viewers have not been heard.. Please don't cancel "The Bridge" !!!!
  • The last time CBS and CTV teamed up, the result was Flashpoint; a highly successful mix of action and emotion, following the exploits of an emergency task force, set in Toronto.

    I'm a massive fan of Flashpoint and was excited to see the two networks come together once again. However, the idea of a show that centered around a pro-union premise, certainly did not appeal to me on paper. As far as I'm concerned, Unions are becoming an unnecessary evil within contemporary western society, often creating conflict in a desperate attempt to legitimize their own existence. But I am somewhat ignorant of the way Police Unions operate and due to the excess of cop shows currently on TV, I thought credit was due for at least trying a different angle.
    The latest collaborative effort, The Bridge, follows a newly elected Police Union Chief, who after growing impatient with the manipulative influence of politics and bureaucracy on policing, aims to shake up city hall and put an end to corruption.

    The pilot was produced as a two part episode that ran for approximately 1½ hours. I do recommend you watch these, as they are extremely important in introducing the characters and the murky world they inhabit. We are introduced to Frank Leo, played by Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica), as a police officer who, when his friend and mentor commits suicide, begins a crusade to get him the police funeral he believes he deserves. With the success of this battle with the 'brass' he is volunteered to be the union representative in a second, more serious dispute, involving charges being brought against two of his colleagues.

    Simply put, this all works as a demonstration of his leadership skills, no-nonsense attitude, and acts as a justification of his election as Union President. The acting and narrative are all excellent and I was pretty much captivated throughout the two part pilot. Behind all the politics and uniforms, it's really just an underdog story of one man against the establishment and The Bridge, knows exactly which buttons to push. There is no confusion over what kind of characters these people are. They are more often that not somewhat shallow stereotypes: The hard-ass cop, the female detective who acts like one of the boys, the ruthlessly ambitious deputy chief and the nameless Police men and women looking for leadership. But it's strength is in its simplicity, which allows the audience to relate to the conflicts and politics that exist within any workplace, whilst also having all the drama and excitement of a standard cop show.

    My full review is here if anyones interested:
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