The Bridge

Season 1 Episode 12

All About Eva

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2013 on FX

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  • Only one to go.

    With just one episode left, I'm excited that I can then clear it from my watch list and forget about this dreadful show forever. Yes, I know it got renewed, but not in my household it didn't!
  • Interesting.

    I was curious to see how things would develop and where the storyline would go after the end of what we've been leading up to since the beginning. It looks interesting enough and Linder is playing an interesting role in thihngs too.

    Looking forward to the season finale though. I don't know what's gonna happen next but I look forward to it!
  • All About Eva

    A much more entertaining episode than usual. Not the most intense or action-packed show, and I can do without all of the constant gang rape, but this was still a strong installment of The Bridge. This show has had a fine first season, but more well-written episodes like this are the key to long-term success.
  • The Bridge.

    So with Gus being murdered and Alma also has left and taken his little girls, Marco is on a downward spiral when Sonya tries to help him Marco doesn't want to hear it and kicks her out of his house. Also this episode gives me insight into Steven Linder, all this time I wanted to know what he was all about and as it turns out he is trying to help these girls from Juarez. Linder decides he wants to marry Eva the girl he rescued from Juarez,, but now she has gone missing, going back to her old factory job she misses her bus and gets into a car with Texas license plates. So Linder goes to see Sonya and tells her that Eva has been missing and she decides to help Linder and that's when he tells Sonya about what he does and he takes her to the caravan in the desert. At this point Eva is in jail in Juarez but this leads to something much bigger and Sonya is helping Marco from his downward spiral with some very good results. So Marco and Sonya go to Juarez Police, they run her name through missing persons but to no avail and at the same time Linder is putting up pictures of Eva all over Juarez. Now it seems that the Police are involved, Eva is drugged and taken to this place in Juarez and repeatedly raped over and over again by other cops. Hank pays a visit to Marco just to make sure that he appears in court for David Tate's Trail / Hearing. The next day Marco gets a visit from Celia who works at Juarez Police who ran the picture of Eva through missing persons and confesses to Marco that she saw Eva at the Police Station and was taken away. So Marco tells Celia to not say anything and that he will handle it, the ending scene was really quite sad with Linder and all those other women looking for their loved ones in the desert. The way Sonya was in this episode I totally understand, her car and everything inside it including the cassette tape was all related to her sister who was murdered. Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.
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