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There have been a few new shows this summer, which has been a good thing. The barren wasteland of previous years summer TV has hopefully become a thing of the past.

I am going to try and split the discussion into different parts to see what did and didn't work in everyone's opinion

I haven't watched them all (the premise of Siberia put me off and I don't watch much reality TV), and some i stopped watching (Under the Dome....go into the corner and put the bag of shame over your head....and stay there!)

Before the summer TV started there was actually a nice buzz about a lot of shows, their formats and whether the audience would be there for a fairly full summer tv schedule, with some series ending, some going into their 2nd year, a slew of new shows, the mini series/event/is it a dome or a sphere debate, so I wonder if this summers experiment has worked and does this signal the start of year round quality viewing.


Back in May tv.com had an article "Our 10 most anticipated New shows for summer 2013", which is a pretty self explanatory article. There was a shiny poll and everything!.

The shows in the article were -
10. Graceland
8.Whose Line Is It Anyway?
7.Low Winter Sun
6.Animation Domination High-Def
5.In The Flesh
4.Ray Donovan
3.Orange Is The New Black
2.Under The Dome
1.The Bridge

I actually watched them all (In The Flesh when it aired in the UK) and here is what I think

Graceland - after a shaky start it grew on me and with Burn Notice finishing soon, USA have a solid replacement with this

Camp - after the tv.com article it basically disappeared from the site - it is on the schedule still - which is a pity. Its not a revolutionary show, but it is a warm, comedy drama which i could see as a cross generational sleeper. Its not laugh out loud or overly dramatic, but a solid show

Whose Line Is It Anyway? - The celebrities were somewhat hit and miss, but there have been some very funny parts

Low Winter Sun - personally i like it, but it has had split reviews and poor ratings. Ryan Sandoval recently gave it the 4 episode test - http://www.tv.com/shows/low-winter-sun/community/post/low-winter-sun-catacombs-review-the-four-episode-test-137790767384/Animation Domination High-Def - i only watched Axe Cop and it is weirdly good

In The Flesh - more of a social drama than a zombie fest, so some people might have been disappointed

Ray Donovan - I really like it but certain reviewers took a big dump on it - http://www.tv.com/shows/ray-donovan/community/post/ray-donovan-series-premiere-review-its-a-shame-about-ray-137220015353/ - but the term "The bag or the bat?" conjurs one the most memorable scenes of the summer for me. The stuff with Ray is great but the stuff that includes his family is sometimes grating. Got an early renew.

Orange Is The New Black - loved it and i watched the entire series over a few days. Thank you Netflix

Under The Dome - a big disappointment for me, way too twee. But a big ratings success, so what do i know.
(FYI I know enough to put UtD in the corner with the shame bag on its head)
Any "its so bad its good" arguments should be directed to someone else, as i find such arguments pointless......bad is bad.

The Bridge - I like but dont love. I was hoping for something more but it is still an enjoyable show

So now that summer is gone and these series are almost over, how do you feel.

and now


After voting check out the original hype article and compare


The unhyped new summer shows. As i dont want to turn this into a thesis paper i'll just put up 2 polls with the major players (I may forget some, so feel feel to mention any in the comments) I am not including reality shows as i havent watched any of the summer ones.
I am also not including The White Queen or Broadchurch as they aired in the UK before the the US - on a personal note, Broadchurch is excellent. Also The White Queen is technically a mini series (there wont be a 2nd season)
The Goodwin Games technically hasnt been cancelled so i have included it

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There were a number of shows returning (i'll do the series ending next), some of which had a few surprises - Hell On Wheels coming back on a Saturday, the improvements on Teen Wolf, The Killing and The Newsroom - and some which stayed with their tried and trusted formulas - Franklin and Bash, Longmire, Necessary Roughness - and some which split opinions - yes True Blood, I'm talking about you.....now put some clothes on Alexander Skarsgard before he gets frostbite in an unfortunate place.


and now



There are also a few shows ending this summer and finales can be difficult. I have a feeling which show will win, but it would be unfair not to include all the series that are finishing.

and now


Chances are I didnt cover everything, but overall its been a good summer of TV.
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