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I´ll try to clarify why I think the US-Mexican version of The Bridge (Bron) works better than the original. Most of the opinions below are subjectively mine.

The initial kill site in Bron takes place between two economically and politically even countries. While The Bridge puts the murder on a very much debated and politically loaded border. The rich US versus the not so rich Mexico. This leads the plot of The Bridge to have more substance in the side plots than the original Bron. Where, the side plots tend to be of everyday character. I might be bias on this, but I think it´s more thrilling to be in the desert being hunted by the cartel than being worried about a broken tail light on the way to day care. According to the series writer Hans Rosenfeldt, he initially suggested that FX should put the show on the Canadian – US border. He got the reply: Who wants to watch ten hours of Canada?

I guess it was a good thing FX put the show on the Southern border.
Another issue Rosenfeldt had with the American remake was weather FX could keep Saga´s square character. As I mentioned earlier, I state that Sonya reflects Saga quite good.

Being home-blind I tend to like things that´s scary to be more plausible when they occur far away from home. That´s one of the reasons I favor The Bridge over Bron.

Also, after the pilot, The Bridge felt like a show on its own. It got the Linder angle. Not until the end of season one when Hasting threatens to blow himself up on the bridge and fails do I realize it´s Bron the remake. I exaggerate a bit but not much. The following scenes with Sonya visiting Marco in the hospital also feels as a straight off copy of the original.

But, as a whole, I still am of the opinion that The Bridge is the most enjoyable to watch. Might be for the fact that I´m used to watch American television and it´s become the norm. At least for my watching schedule. The fact that Bron was voted the best European show in 2012 is good enough for me. That´s well-earned credit.

Season two of Bron is currently airing in Sweden-Denmark. It takes place thirteen months after the accident where Marco/Martin got shot by Sonya/Saga. I won´t discuss what happens in the original but as long as the antagonist is imprisoned, the drive for Marco/Martin will be there.
And Sonya/Saga will always be herself and do and say whatever is on her mind. Right?

That´s the spirit of both The Bridge and Bron!

Courtesy of SVT for allowing use of their images.

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