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FX (ended 2014)
Bron Season Two began airing in Scandinavia on September 22, 2013 and we are already on episode eight of the ten episodes of this season. Again, we begin with a geopolitical motive to wind down to that of a personal crime as in the first season. The leading characters are here better defined and have a wider scope. Saga (Sonja in the US version) is always as driven and blunt, but attempts to become more social. Martin ( Marco) has come to terms with losing his son in a typical Scandinavian humanity, which frankly is very foreign to me, yet admirable.

Without spoilers, we can still say that the elaborate motive is this time involved with medicine, the release of a virus and touches also animal rights. What is more dynamic this time around is that the subplots are well merged with the main plot and we constantly see subplots emerge and resolve while the main plot is still at work.this gives the series a dynamic that is truly breathtaking and exhilarating. An added sophistication is that emerging and resolved subplots both announce the next subplots, but also add to the understanding of the main story.

We still have two more episodes to finish the series, but chances are that we are still open to new surprises.

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