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The first season of FX's The Bridge was many things to me: a statement on border politics, a serial-killer mystery, a brilliant show, a good show, a bad show, an awful show, and a showcase for one of television's weirdest characters. But one thing we can all agree on is that its pre-debut teasers were incredibly spooky and cool

With the series set to return on Wednesday, July 9, FX has started releasing promos for Season 2, so get ready for the spooky and cool to return, right? Ehhh, maybe not. Aside from one 30-second spot, this round of clips looks a little less inspired than Season 1's lot. Or maybe they're just not as odd and alluring. Let's take a look:



"The Drift"

"Behind the Mask"

"Howdy Chip"

"Hidden" is a pretty solid tease for what we know of the show, but I'm hoping that Season 2 heads more in the direction of "Howdy Chip," because Season 1 was at its best when it was weird. How about you?

The Bridge returns for Season 2 on Wednesday, July 9 on FX.

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