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I get the feeling that FX wasn't too sure about this one, but the network has gone ahead and ordered a second season of The Bridge anyway. Season 2 will run for another 13 episodes and reclaim the show's status as a summer series in 2014. The renewal comes late in The Bridge's first season, Episode 12 (of 13) airs tomorrow.

Contrast that with how eager FX was back in January with The Americans (which is soooo good, by the way); the suburban spy drama earned a second season only four episodes into Season 1. The two series are relatively even in the ratings department, averaging somewhere above 1.5 million viewers, but the roar from critics for The Americans was much greater than it has been for the unsteady first season of The Bridge. I've been covering The Bridge all season, so perhaps you know my feelings on the show: I absolutely love parts of it. But other parts? Ehhhhhhhhhhh... not so much

I've embraced the silliness of the serial-killer case because I love things that are nutso, but still hope the show can return to what made the early episodes so great: broad commentary on tumultuous border towns and how politics affect the lives of those living in them. And weirdos. Keep the weirdos coming, show. There's a solid core to The Bridge, and if showrunner Meredith Stiehm can polish up some of the edges, we're looking at a series that has the potential to be great. 

But who cares, because I'm just happy we'll have this guy back:

And this guy:

And this guy:

And hopefully this guy:

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Have you been watching The Bridge Season 1? Are you happy the show's been renewed? 

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