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The Bridge S02E05: "Eye of the Deep"

Throughout the second season of FX's The Bridge, Marco Ruiz has been motivated by one thing: avenging his son's death. He finally got the chance to do so in Wednesday's episode, "Eye of the Deep"—so did he take it?

Thanks to some string-pulling by Fausto Galvan, who also knows what it's like to lose a son, Marco came face-to-face with Gus's killer, David Tate. The scenario Marco's been fantasizing about since the end of Season 1 became a reality when, with the help of a corrupt prison guard, Marco found himself standing over Tate, who was lying immobile in a hospital bed with a bandage over one eye (which was forcefully removed by another inmate earlier in the episode. Ick factor: 10).

However, when push came to shove, Marco couldn't bring himself to murder Tate—"not yet, anyway," he said. Instead, he opted to disgustingly shove his thumb into Tate's eye socket, in what was easily the most gruesome incident of televised hand-to-eye violence since the Game of Thrones fight between the Mountain and the Viper.

But is Marco incapable of killing a helpless man, or is he simply biding his time? What else does he have in store for Tate?

"[The scene] tells you everything about his nature," Demian Bichir said during a recent conference call with reporters. "Marco's a good person. He’s a good human being. And although he has this commitment to honor the life of his son, the death of his son, he knows that if he crosses that line he will become exactly the same person as the other guy. He will be another type of angry David Tate."

In the meantime, it's not clear how Fausto Galvan will react to Marco's inaction after he essentially delivered Tate's (one-eyed) head on a silver platter. Bichir is a standout minimalist actor in the role of Marco, and the scene between Fausto and Marco at the beginning of the episode conveyed how conflicted Marco feels over his relationship with the cartel leader. How much longer will he allow his personal vendetta to compromise the case he's working on?

"That's pretty much the interesting part of this journey that Marco’s going through," Bichir says. "I think he realizes that he shouldn’t expend more energy on small enemies, even though it was a big deal that this guy killed his son. But there’s a bigger task, there’s a greater good waiting for him to take some action on, and that’s what makes him reconsider all this. He’s been trying to get Fausto one way or another, and he can’t waste any more time. So, he believes that probably it’s not in his hands to make wrongs right in his own personal life, but there’s a greater task that he’s needed for."

Of course, that might be easier said than done, as Marco is now caught between a rock and a hard place. With both Marco and Mexican businessman Sebastian Cerisola (Bruno Bichir, Demian's real-life brother) aware of the other's ties to Fausto, it's probably only a matter of time before Marco's partner Sonya discovers the connection as well.

"Marco is constantly struggling between those two worlds," Bichir says. "He’s all the time in between heaven and hell in order to try to do the right thing, try to make things work. … He is literally transiting from one place to another, crossing this border pretty much every day and seeing the best and the worst of both worlds. I guess he never really knew how much of a human he could be until he was face-to-face with David Tate." 

What do you think Marco's next move will be? And were you surprised by his encounter with Tate? 

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