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Oct 24, 2013
The Tunnel, the French/English view on Bron/The Bridge: Final Comparison
Hearing the song you love sung by another singer very seldom makes it better. Songs are short so there are so few elements to compare. Books are seldom rewritten, so there are no possibilities of comparison there. But films and television get remakes all the time and they usually take up more time so different interpretations are possible. And compared to songs, where you usually don’t say you like the singing in one version and the base player in the other, that is possible with a television series.

Last week I wrote a first impression of The Tunnel. After watching the second episode of “The Tunnel” I watched the second episodes of ‘Broen/Bron’ and ‘The Bridge’ again to make a better comparison. My comparison after the first episode was purely based on memory. The unexpected thing that happened was that I now admire the American version more than ...Read more
Oct 18, 2013
The Tunnel: A French/English View of The Bridge, Is It Alike?
There is no bridge between England and France. Although ideas have been around for a long time, the necessary materials aren’t available yet to ‘bridge’ the 50km gap. And, there’s the heavy traffic of ships, making it almost impossible to built a bridge with no risk to the ships. So, if you want to put your body exactly on the borderline between France and England, you’d have to put her on the sea bottom or in the Chunnel (channel tunnel or Eurotunnel). For a detective series based on the Danish/Swedish series Bron/Broen the second option seemed to be the better one.

The Chunnel is for trains, if you want to cross it with your car you have to put the car on the train. Trains won’t stop for bodies on the border, probably because they wouldn’t see them at all. So, beforehand I ...Read more
Sep 06, 2013
A Big Summer Summary

There have been a few new shows this summer, which has been a good thing. The barren wasteland of previous years summer TV has hopefully become a thing of the past.

I am going to try and split the discussion into different parts to see what did and didn't work in everyone's opinion

I haven't watched them all (the premise of Siberia put me off and I don't watch much reality TV), and some i stopped watching (Under the Dome....go into the corner and put the bag of shame over your head....and stay there!)

Before the summer TV started there was actually a nice buzz about a lot of shows, their formats and whether the audience would be there for a fairly full summer tv schedule, with some series ending, some going into their 2nd year, a slew of new shows, the mini series ...Read more
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Sep 01, 2013
An Interesting Offering
I like police procedurals and this is an interesting offering. Two cultures, two very different police officers, a number of story lines. That jacket of hers is rather ridiculous and she is an odd duck. I like the detective from Juarez. The vasectomy joke is overdone, poor guy. I like the show so far.
Aug 30, 2013
Who is the creepiest supporting character on the show?

There are characters on this show that can simply be described as creepy, some of them because they are menacing and evil, and others because they are just plain weird. What I want to know is, which one of those of questionable character is your favourite?

I left out Jack Childress and Hector Valdez because despite both being homicidal and certifiably creepy, I suspect that the former will remain just a character who passed through the story, and the latter never made a big impact on it either.
Aug 09, 2013
Should The Bridge explicitly state Det. Sonya Cross's condition?

Having read in a number of sources of audience complaints that the show needed to articulate the condition behind Det. Sonya Cross's rigid and at times bizarre behavior, I thought I'd pose the question to you to see how you feel about the matter.
While I certainly have my personal opinions on the issue, Slate offered their support of the show's course and the contrast between the two detectives while Variety criticizes the lack of information and slams Diane Kruger's performance.
What are your thoughts on Sonya, label required or no?

Poll: Calling out Sonya's medical condition?

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A woman's body is discovered at the borderline on a bridge between the US and Mexico. The investigation results in an unlikely alliance of two cops, Det Sonya North a quirky, yet intuitive El Paso cop and Marco Riuz, a weary, but uncorrupt senior investigator from Mexico.