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The Origins of The Bridge - "Bron"

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    Redirects this to the community posts:

    Issue solved!

    Having watched most episodes of the two series. The original and the American.

    I can say they are similar in many ways. Where they are dissimilar it's to the benefit

    of the American version. The side plots are way better than the original.

    I really like the atmosphere even if it's not actually shot in Mexico.

    Regarding the lead actresses I'd say they both do a good job at portraying someone

    with a slight deficiency in the social skills department.

    They also look alike. At least to me.

    To the left Saga Noren (played by Sofia Helin) and to the right Sonya Cross

    (played by Diane Kruger).

    Edit: It's strange but I can't post images and I can't even post in the community for The Bridge.

    Is that because I'm not in the US?

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    not really. the European version is made for normal people, the American version is nice and simple so some fat Americans don't loose the plot...
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