The Bridge

Season 2 Episode 2

Ghost of a Flea

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2014 on FX

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  • Ghost Of A Flea

    This Eleanor character is terrible, and I do not know why they are making such a big deal out of her. They need to shift focus for the season immediately.
  • Better than last week.

    The first season was good but the second season hasn't realy picked up yet. Thing have moved slowly for the first two episodes. Nonetheless, the next episode looks promising and this did well to establish that. As an episode alone, it wasn't very exciting, but hopefully it did indeed set up a good one next week.

    I did enjoy the last scene. It finished the episode well and it was a good conclusion. I am intrigued by this woman and the storyline surrounding her.

    Looking forward to the next one - hoping that it picks up!
  • Say Goodnight Kyle.

    So it picks up where it ended last week, Nacht was getting rid of some leftover blood on her and yet she convinced one of the teenagers to stay and help her, the whole interaction between Kyle and Nacht was weird. Nacht killed the last one and then staged a very out there kind of scene which Sonya and Wade came upon it, their victim was killed and then placed in a car that was left going in circles. Like his killer wanted to draw attention to the crime, but that's not what threw them, it was the dead dog inside of the car that did it. Meanwhile Marco goes about his life, until he suddenly snaps, afterwards he was brought to a house to face his captain and was told he was going to be working on the murder case with Sonya. Apparently, the victim was an important enforcer and now Fausto wants the woman that was travelling with one of his men, before the Americans get hold of Natch. Daniel and Adriana found a lead on all the money they found, but aren't getting any answers from the drag queen they were investigating. Though the drag queen thinks his boyfriend is in trouble and he needs them look into it, so Daniel and Adriana went to his boyfriend's apartment and they found bank slips and the boyfriend dead. This Elenor Nacht is some piece of work, i knew Kyle's fate was sealed as soon as he said hello and the names and addresses she write's in her book, i'm sure is collateral. Fantastic Episode.
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